2013 Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention (Hollywood / LA)

It was only three years ago around this time when I was at a really sad point in my life.  Fortunately, I found and within a month, I went to this convention hosted in Southern California.  From there, I met my mentor and things changed for the better and I never looked back.  That convention was the exact point which sparked my change.  I would like to think all my changes were because of my own accomplishments and hard work but its amazing how many people helped me along the way to give me guidance and most of all, a push.
Since then, I have been involved with this convention every year and this year is the first year that I will be presenting!  I will keep you guys posted on what my topic will be later.  My name on Casanovacrew is Enthalpy.
The convention this year is on September 13 – 15 from Friday through Sunday in Hollywood California.
The talent here is amazing.  Half of the people here are from the classic book “The Game” including Tyler Durden (RSD / The Game), Matador (VH1 The Pickup Artist / The Game), Hypnotica, Brad P, DJ Fuji, Psych, the list continues.  Pickup is very broad and this is a great way to see it from different perspectives.  I personally believe that different methods and techniques work for different people and nothing applies to every situation.  By seeing the whole spectrum, it gives you a better understanding of the big picture and it also prevents you from being a “Guru Worshiper”.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, why not take the positives from everyone and incorporate it into your own style of game?
The event is three full days jam packed with nearly 30 speakers.  Right now the cost is only $157.  Considering how so many weekend bootcamps cost $1500 to $2000, this is nearly a tenth of the cost.  It is probably the best valued program out there.  Ever want to get feedback on a coach you think is legit?  Ask about what other coaches think about them!  The industry is pretty small so gossip does get passed around.  People from the industry can give you much better recommendations than what some KJ from an internet forum thinks.
I am going to be honest with you.  I am friends with the host of the event, JTR from Casanovacrew.  Heck, even my YouTube channel was influenced by Casanovacrew.  In returning the favor of having me speak on stage, I told JTR I would help him promote the event.  However, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think this convention is amazing, just look at how it affected me.  To find more information and sign up for the event, go to the link below.  Please make sure to use this specific link so I get credit.  In return as a favor to you, during the Saturday of the convention, I will take everyone who signed up to dinner (tabs on me) and answer any questions you guys have.  Once you signed up for the event, shoot me an email at (check spelling).
2013 Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention

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