At Electronic Daisy Carnival In Vegas This Weekend

Hey hey.  Just a heads up.  I’ll be at EDC this weekend.  Finally a weekend just chilling and not
teaching pickup.  Hit me up if you’re in the area.  I will be bringing my camera and getting a lot of video hopefully.  If you don’t know, this is a big rave where girls dress in scantily home made outfits and guys with aesthetics go to show off (at least my Bodybuilding friends).

I been dieting hardcore for a week.  Dropped down to 8% body fat.  That feel when starving and jittery as fuck on Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.  Crazy, I dropped 10 pounds in 5 days.  Holy fuck still got the crazy metabolism.  This week I ate only egg whites, whey protein, chicken breast, and raw veggies.  Daily calorie intake is probably only 1500.  Cut out the carbs and as much sodium as I can.  Posting progress pictures later.

ZYZZ, Jeff Seid, where you at?