At Electronic Daisy Carnival In Vegas This Weekend

At Electronic Daisy Carnival In Vegas This Weekend

Hey hey.  Just a heads up.  I’ll be at EDC this weekend.  Finally a weekend just chilling and not
teaching pickup.  Hit me up if you’re in the area.  I will be bringing my camera and getting a lot of video hopefully.  If you don’t know, this is a big rave where girls dress in scantily home made outfits and guys with aesthetics go to show off (at least my Bodybuilding friends).

I been dieting hardcore for a week.  Dropped down to 8% body fat.  That feel when starving and jittery as fuck on Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.  Crazy, I dropped 10 pounds in 5 days.  Holy fuck still got the crazy metabolism.  This week I ate only egg whites, whey protein, chicken breast, and raw veggies.  Daily calorie intake is probably only 1500.  Cut out the carbs and as much sodium as I can.  Posting progress pictures later.

ZYZZ, Jeff Seid, where you at?

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  1. Anonymous at 3:11 am

    Hey man, you’re one of the reasons I wanted to get fit, keep up the good stuff.

    I was wondering, what other supplements do you take other than the ones listed in your product recommendations?
    Do you take a multivitamin / specific vitamins / pre-workout / BCAA’s?

    Also do you still wear Creed Aventus, I was thinking of buying it but it’s really expensive.

  2. daweism at 12:11 am

    I’ve used Oxyelite Pro before and had good results on the original formula, the new formula kinda of doesn’t work as great. Hydroxycut works pretty well for you it seems, any more input on said product?

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