Back From China / New Website And Other Projects

Back From China / New Website And Other Projects

Whats up everyone. It seems like forever since I updated my blog. I didn’t want to keep waiting for this site to be perfect so I thought I would roll it out. Big thanks for Tony and Waley for helping me on building this.

Some quick updates. Its been 2 weeks since I been back from China. I still have a ton of pictures and videos to edit. The next few videos will be both infield as well as my experiences in HongKong and Macau. I have already uploaded a lot of pictures and the best place to view them is on my Flickr site.

In addition to running bootcamps, I am going to try and release 2 videos a week (Tuesday and Thursday). I have a few other projects in the works such as collaborating with other coaches in Vegas. I’m still working on that 1 hour pull video, be patient! On a personal note, I broke up with my GF a few weeks ago so expect more pull videos! I kept most of this a secret because I didn’t want my pickup involvement to affect her in any negative way and I used a lot of my students infields. But expect more epic vids to come!

If you haven’t seen this weeks video yet, check it out below:

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  1. Derpy Herpy at 5:27 am

    So, what about that small Extras/Bloopers video in the top left corner? Is that all there is, or should there be a link to an actual longer video?

    • Squattincassanova Author at 6:43 am

      I haven’t had a chance to make videos for them. I am not sure if I have time. Two videos a week is already kicking my butt.

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