Bromance with RSD Brad

My opener for RSD Brad: “Hey Brad, you sexy bitch, can I have your baby?”

Apparently, picking up PUAs is no different than picking up hot girls haha.  They all fall for the same shit. Surprisingly, we have a lot in common.  Both science backgrounds with extensive biology, both work out, both squat, and both beautiful.  Since he has longer hair now, I would say he has the slight advantage.   Apparently at the end of the night at Surrender in Encore, we talked about working out and protein farts.

So meeting a few of the RSD instructors were pretty cool.  HOWEVER… being in a club with 100 other PUAs is not fucking cool especially when I had 3 of my students around.  I don’t blame beginners and everyone has to learn.  However… when you have that many concentrated number of PUAs in a small confined area doing set after set of blowouts, the girls get bitchy as fuck.  By the end of the night, pretty much every girl has their shield up to level 9000 and only indirect would work.  Anyways, I will talk about that in a future video.