Dad’s Jeans

Dad’s Jeans

Took a student out on a 1on1.  We did some day game and on the way we picked up a new pair of jeans.

 Fuarkkkk.  New transformation aesthetic as fuck.  We went from “dad’s jeans” to designer jeans.  Typically you want your jeans to be fitted and dark.  Also ask the stores to tailor the length for you if the length doesn’t fit properly.

If you know absolutely nothing about jeans and good casual wear and you really don’t care to spend the time to learn, just go to the Rail section at Nordstroms and have the employees there help you out.  The following are some pretty good brands.

Fitted Dress Shirts:
7 Diamonds
Hugo Boss

Designer Jeans:
True Religion

You might ask, “But yo Squattincassanova, RSD says its all just game, nothing else matters.  I know a dude who lives in a van, doesn’t ever shower and still pulls!”  First of all, game is just a piece of the puzzle, its not the whole thing.  Fitness, fashion, lifestyle, social circle are ALL big components of your life, your happiness and your success with women.  If you only work on game, you will hit a wall pretty soon.  Second of all, to be the attractive man, you need to do things that an attractive man does.  If you close your eyes and you envision a more perfect you in the future, do you really see a homeless bum doing cold approach for the rest of your life in a shitty bar with random club girls who work at retail?  Lets be real.

The last biggest reason I push for good fashion and good presentation is the accelerated gain of reference experience.  Look the best you can . Smell the best you can.  Have your room as clean as possible before you go out.  Do everything you can do to eliminate an excuse to not pull the trigger.  Even if one girl likes you more, even if one girl allows you to escalate further… you’re gaining reference experience faster than that PUA next door.  Reference experience is what really builds confidence.   Why do I feel so confident and happy when I go to Vegas?  Because I have reference experience of pulling in Vegas before!   Why don’t I have a lot of approach anxiety anymore?  Because of 5000 sets under my belt.  Could you in theory pull with shitty clothes and bad hygiene?  Of course you can.  However, you would be filtered out from a percentage of girls.  If you’re learning pickup, why set the odds against you?   Fashion is one of those things where you can instantly give yourself a boost.  For all you nerds out there, think of it like an RPG game analogy.  Can you beat the game to level 99 using a rusty short sword?  You probably can, but you would certainly beat it much faster if you got an legendary breath of the dying rune word sword.

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  1. vinz at 5:31 pm

    Aesthetics much improved by 100%/10. Though I usually like to buy raw denimz and tailor them to my waist (lifting quads don’t fit) and wear them in myself. Mirin’ Ferragamo shoes.

  2. Anonymous at 4:02 pm

    I’d suggest a pair of Raw denim jeans over any of the designer brands mentioned above. APC raw denim would work well for many people.

  3. Morphes at 8:20 am

    You mention all these brands, I checked them out and none are in Big man certified sizes. Fat guy working on his weight, any recomendations? I have been trying to wear jeans tighter than I would usually buy, but still have no idea what makes some better than others. Always been the kind of guy that if they fit and feel good, youre (scv) good to go! Now that I am learning this is not the case. Perhaps you could write an article about dressing better for the n00bs like myself.

    Great stuff man, digging your blog/youtube

    • Squattincassanova at 8:23 am

      Unfortunately, its supply and demand and apparently fashion jeans are mostly for skinny guys. Even I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my thighs since I squat a lot.

      My best advice is to find the biggest one and take it to a Chinese tailoring shop and try and make it fit. Other option… not the fastest one is of course to drop weight. Not sure how dedicated you are but with daily cardio and thermogenics, 15 pounds per month is achievable.

  4. Morphes at 10:14 pm

    Yeah working on weight loss right now, down 100 pounds in 7 months so thats working pretty good (Doing keto, if anyone is interested). What do I say to the Chinese sweat shop laborer? I had to take my watch to get fixed once and they just point and speak Chinese then repeat it louder until I shake or nod my head.

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