List of 15 Sound Bites and One Liners to Increase Attraction – Part 1

List of 15 Sound Bites and One Liners to Increase Attraction – Part 1

Whats up!  Here is a quick list of random sound bites that you can use to increase attraction.  I’m not going to tell you when and how to use it, you need to figure that out from trial and error and calibration tweaks.  Just remember, these can’t substitute core conversational verbals so use it sparingly!!!  If you use it too much, you will become that weird pickup guy.  Think of it as the pepper on the steak and not the steak itself.  I will have more of these posted periodically.

  1. I don’t want shitty kisses, only good kisses.
  2. I’m sure one day some guy will kiss you.
  3. Right now I’m looking for love and ice cream; I figure if I can’t find the love at least I can have the sugar
  4. I’m a little out of your league but I think you’re fun
  5. We can’t go beyond just fooling around because I’m shy.
  6. Girl: You are a douchebag — You:  No I just play one in real life
  7. Girl: I’m a teacher —  You: Are you really? Ok cya
  8. I can’t vibe with it,  I don’t really understand it.
  9. Tell me your deepest feeling about me in Spanish [substitute for any other language]
  10. You guys look so normal, who the fuck are you
  11. No lips, do not give me lips
  12. If I can hire a stunt cock for you, it’s ok.
  13. This is for my mom
  14. I’m not going to tell you my name… so if we have a baby you can’t find me.
  15. Drive me in a messy car? Show some respect.

Keep gaming!

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