Looking For Roommate in Vegas (End of June)

My roommate is currently a med school graduate and is moving to another city to begin residency work.  He was a former student of mine and has currently lived in Vegas for the last 7 months.  He racked up around 20-30 lays, learned most of what he needed to know in game and is now moving to further his career.

By end of June, 2014, I will need another roommate.  I live in a high rise condo on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip.  It is 1 minute away from Wynn/Encore/XS Nightclub.  Its a two bedroom condo and is completely furnished.  The cost will be $950 plus utilities per month.

This will be a great opportunity if you enjoy the Vegas nightlife or plan on improving your skills with game.  Shoot me an email to squattincassanova at gmail dot com if you are potentially interested.  I am looking for someone who is financially stable, clean, and has good character.