Obese Gamer, Boogie2988, Finds Love

Obese Gamer, Boogie2988, Finds Love

Most of my posts are practical, task oriented, do this, do that- get shit done sort of approach.  This post is more like an RSD Tyler type of post where I am just free flowing my thoughts.

I don’t talk about it much these days but I used to be a hardcore gamer (still am).  Played over 10,000 games of Starcraft, had a level 95 Paladin from Diablo 2, played a few thousand games of Heroes of Newerth, a few thousand hours of Team Fortress Classic and Team Fortress 2 along with huge list of other games.

Occasionally, I still watch gaming videos on YouTube.  I came across this video and WOW, strong FEELS in this one.  I was trying to stay alpha but it brought a tear to my eyes.  I thought I had a rough childhood with physical Asian parents who were never satisfied with my achievements and also never having any friends back in high school.  I am not anywhere near this guy!  Once I started doing pickup and saw success, I realized I was just being a little bitch and I didn’t have it that bad.  I would say the same applies to my students.  I have had a few hard cases but no one comes near this guy.

Anyway watch the video:

He ends up marrying this girl… not bad!

Yay, happily ever after.  Now lets tie this back into pickup.  Here we have a morbidly obese guy, marrying what you would consider a very attractive girl.  If assessing purely on looks, the guy hit the jackpot.  You could say looks don’t matter.  Well yes and no.  What people don’t realize is that girls value different traits and assign different levels of importance to them.  Every girl is different.

To some girls, being funny is very important but having a six pack is not.  To some girls, money is important, but personality is not.  To some girls, its more important to have a strong common interest above all else.  I think when people refer pickup as a numbers game, it means that there are certain probabilities of girls who value certain traits over other traits.  Now, certain qualities are more universal than others for example most girls like fit bodies than fat bodies.  I have actually met girls who have chubby fetishes and have literally told me that I didn’t have the body type for them.  Although the percentages of the general population with chubby fetishes are small, they still exist, and its still a numbers game where I had the disadvantage for that particular set.  When she told me that, I was like WTF!?  Some times I would play the worst game possible and the girl would magically love me for no reason.  Some times I would play phenomenally solid game, be with the girl for 2 hours and I don’t get a call back the next day.  I would still recommend you play solid game all the time, but some times girls would randomly like you.

I have seen many of this guy’s videos and I would consider him a funny mother fucker.  He is also a very avid gamer so he is probably respected among his peers as well as having a huge fan base.  I would assume that his girl values humor and common interest above sheer physical aesthetics.

So in theory, you COULD be yourself, not change anything at all… and still get girls (assuming you have a few positive traits).  Is it optimal against the general population?  Absolutely not.  You may ask… how does this guy cope with his disadvantages and highlight his strengths?  The answer is simple.  Hes got 2 million fucking subscribers on YouTube.  Even if 1% of his viewers were females, that would still be 20,000 females.  And if only 1% had a fetish for funny chubby guys, he would STILL have 200 girls potentially interested in him.

Now, I’m not telling you all to get 2 million subscribers in hopes of finding girls, but what I am telling you is that having common interest is a strong way to meet people.  Furthermore, finding a means to reach out to girls is also very important.  I have had students who can’t approach worth shit but are able to meet a ton of girls because of what they do.  One guy teaches acrobatic yoga.  His authoritative position plus the fact hes always hands on with the girls lets him get dates really easily.  I have other students who are artists and musicians.  I don’t even need to explain for you to figure out why this helps them get girls.

Cold approach is still the bread and butter, the holy grail of learning this stuff.  It lets you make mistakes with no consequence.  It forces you plow through bitchy girls and strike conversations with girls who absolutely don’t want to have anything to do with you.  However, once you start getting decent with cold approach and you’re seriously trying to find the right girl, there are more efficient and better means than approaching purely random chicks from clubs.  Seriously, I am so sick of pretending to be interested in chicks who work in retail and chicks who study psychology, communication, sociology.  Shoot my brain please.

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  1. Anonymous at 4:38 pm

    you are a moron. stop going after 21-23 year olds, aim for 25-30 somethings. if your a instructor, you should be actively screening out girls who are in this age group before you approach. i assume you can approach by yourself since your an instructor…

  2. Anonymous at 10:55 pm

    Mike how is it possible that you’ve met so many girls and still haven’t found that “one” yet? Is it possible that doing pick up affects the way you connect with people?

    • Anonymous at 3:54 am

      Mike and I are getting married soon. I let him approach girls because I find it fascinating but I’m still the number “one” bitch!

    • Squattincassanova at 9:30 am

      Because I’ve always had a hard time connecting due to my upbringing plus pickup had made me more numb and emotionally detached. I also have a lot of pet peeves so most girls don’t last long before I get annoyed.

  3. Anonymous at 3:56 am

    IMO being genuine, passionate about life, a good storyteller and funny can get you a long way. This guy is all of the above.

  4. zyzz at 10:10 am

    “once you start getting decent with cold approach and you’re seriously trying to find the right girl, there are more efficient and better means than approaching purely random chicks from clubs”

    where can one find a classy bitch who doesnt work in retail and study bullshit majors. preferably a bitch who is also into self development and achieving financial freedom like kim kiyosaki

  5. Anonymous at 6:10 pm

    Hey Mike, I been reading up on you and it has really been inspiring me.

    In High School, I also had a level 92 hammerdin in D2, was master at Starcraft Fastest Possible Maps, and had no social life, not even with my family members. I went through a tough childhood, I attempted suicide twice: once in high school, and once in college.

    Now, I have fixed myself. I have a Masters in Chemistry, worked out and became buffest/tonest of my friends (10.5% body fat with a 24 BMI), but I still don’t have game. I’ve tried Tinder and OKCupid, but they only boost my confidence because I would gain likes and matches, but I would rarely get anywhere else due to either my impatient personality or having too much arrogance, or having too less confidence in my game.

    Even though I want to learn some game, I am already at the stage in my life to want someone non-bullshit and not have to put up with drilling through loads of shit before getting there. Most girls on online dating are dumb as fuck, and one that I nearly met up with on Tinder is a “journalist” + “freelance model”. She was hot, but no dice, plus long term, would probably hate her guts.

    Anyways, long story short, you inspire me, and I hope you find someone. Any tips and advice would be appreciated.

    • Squattincassanova at 6:43 pm

      Online game such as OKC and Tinder should be treated as a side supplemental thing. It can’t replace cold approach pickup. If you have a pretty face and all you care about is easy lays then sure, do that. I would still recommend going out and do cold approaches. Yes it sucks and yes you might have to rack up a few thousand approaches but everyone I know including me have all gone through this journey. What city do you live by the way?

    • Anonymous at 7:28 am

      I live in San Diego. Thanks. I have to start building up some social skills. Trying to get out more, I get the lab “feels” too, because that’s what I do. But I am very passionate about getting out there. As of now, I am picking up inspiration from books/blogs/forums, because I’m still young and cheap; although I am willing to try bootcamps one day.

    • Anonymous at 3:17 am

      Highly recommend Mike’s bootcamps. I’m a student and he’s helped improve my outer game for the better through his homework and example.

  6. Anonymous at 3:13 am

    Hey Mike, thanks for the post. 2 questions:

    Can you recommend some places/ways to meet the right one?

    I work in the medical and teaching field and meet a lot of doctors, school teachers, and social workers. Is there a point where you’d recommend stopping cold approach and focusing on the ones I’m dating, or should I find time to do both cold approach and long term dating? Thanks

  7. asianxy at 5:14 am

    Hey SC, just started reading your blog. You seem real.

    I’ve been in the game for couple of years now. It’s not like I banged a lot of chicks, but I got my share of strippers and hollywood 10s (whatever you call those wanna be actress). It’s getting old.

    I want to meet a beautiful, smart, successful, cool girlfriend. What are your recommendations?

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