Getting EPIC HOT GIRLS (1)

Secret Part 6 Video!

Part 6 of the Series is Up! Here is how to watch it.  In each of the 5 videos below, there is a secret word in the annotations.  When you have all 5 words, simply type _ ____ ______ ___ ____  (all in one string, no spaces) Enjoy!   Part 1  _ Part 2  _…

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Picking Up Latina At MGM Lobby Outside Hakkasan

Here are both Part 1 and Part 2 of the videos.  MGM is one of my favorite places to do lobby game.  The inherent nature of the casino layout funnels all of the girls leaving the Hakkasan nightclub into one exit hallway.  This allows you to virtually capture ALL of the sets coming out of…

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Helping Student Pull With My Girl

Here is the newest video of the week! A couple of comments to add about this video. First and foremost, it was the girl’s first time in a Vegas club and therefore she is very receptive to approaches.  I have found there is a strong statistical correlation between how frequent a girl goes to a club and…

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List of 15 Sound Bites and One Liners to Increase Attraction – Part 1

Whats up!  Here is a quick list of random sound bites that you can use to increase attraction.  I’m not going to tell you when and how to use it, you need to figure that out from trial and error and calibration tweaks.  Just remember, these can’t substitute core conversational verbals so use it sparingly!!!  If…

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Picking Up Tall Brunette with Asian Student

If you didn’t already know, I’m coming out with a video every Tuesday and Thursday night (its actually Friday 5am as I am writing this so there was some delay). Just some additional thoughts to add to this video. 1.  We met this girl right outside the club exit.  This is not a good place…

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Hong Kong and Macau Pickup Video

Last China video before I get back doing more Vegas videos.  Walking around with a monopod and camera is pretty time consuming so I’m not likely to do as many of these VLOGs unless I am traveling somewhere new again.  I would love to do pickup in Brazil or Eastern Europe.  One of my students…

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