Picking Up Girls in Shanghai Infield Video

Welcome to another video for the week! I think I spend 400% more time in front of the computer video editing than going out to the clubs these days. Most of these sets were day game sets because they were easier to get better quality footages. I am hugely surprised by the diversity of girls…

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Back From China / New Website And Other Projects

Whats up everyone. It seems like forever since I updated my blog. I didn’t want to keep waiting for this site to be perfect so I thought I would roll it out. Big thanks for Tony and Waley for helping me on building this. Some quick updates. Its been 2 weeks since I been back…

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How To Look Sexy and Confident In Pictures

For all you guys who love PlentyofFish, OkCupid, Match, Tinder, Instagram, and Facebook game… here is a great video on how to make your face photogenic and get more dates. Peter Hurley is one of my few top Photographers on YouTube.  This video shows a great facial technique and it only takes a few minutes…

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Common Sense On Seeking Advice

I would say I’m a pretty nice guy.  My level of trolling in real life is probably 100 fold less than online… at least with people I know or people I perceive as generally nice or sincere.  I wouldn’t say I am famous… far from it… but usually on a night out in a Vegas…

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Taboo – Best Game To Improve Verbals

That’s right, I’m the only guy cool enough to tell you to play a 13 year+ board game.  The game Taboo is one of my all time favorite board games and it will improve your verbals and pickup skills. Its both word association and concept associate at the same time.  You try to get your…

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Quick Pickup Tip #2

Tip: If you’re pulling a girl and she lost her phone or her phone battery died or her friend has her phone and its seriously distracting her and affecting your ability to pull, one option is to quickly offer to get her friends number and assure her that she can contact her friends if she…

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