Black Girls

I used to do some what of online game.  Not so much anymore because too many poverty chicks and so much Myspace angles.  One thing I noticed is that I get hit on by Black girls many orders of magnitude higher than any other race, even Asians! This either leads me to conclude that Black…

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Elliot Rodgers And Importance of Getting Laid

Thank God this guy didn’t take a bootcamp with me.  A Vegas nightclub would have been a very target rich environment.  My jeans are too tight and I have way too much camera gear in my pockets to run very fast. I’ve had guys with 1000x more challenges than Elliot and still get laid.  I…

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New Drai’s Beach Club / Night Club in Vegas

They just opened another huge nightclub in Vegas.  My fear is that its spreading the crowd too thin.  A few years ago it was just XS and Marquee.  Now, there are 5 mega clubs competing and Hakkasan and Light are terrible for pickup. The new Drai’s will be fairly interesting.  I will need to check…

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Take Your Girl to This Show And You Will Get Laid

Actually I take that back.  For you to take a girl to see this show, it probably shouldn’t be a first date sort of thing.  She should probably be some girl you actually really like and hopefully someone you already closed before because the tickets are between 50 to 120 dollars.  The show is Zumanity.…

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Lessons Learned – PUA’s Viral Video in Asia

If you read any PUA forum, WorldStarHipHop, forum,  Facebook groups, or even the comments in my page, you most likely have come across this video.  This video became viral a few days ago reaching over a million views.  If you skim over the video without really doing background research, it appears at the beginning…

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Quick Pickup Tip #1

Tip: Avoid wearing dark colored dress shirts (especially black) for day game in malls where there are a lot of kiosks and you plan on approaching in the hallways. Reason:Many kiosk employees (a lot of them are from Israel and tend to be very aggressive selling their stupid skin care, hair curlers, or massage gadgets)…

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