Practicing on Asian Girls / Groups

I got an email from a soon to be student of mine.  He was sarging in Vancouver and he got punched in the face by some thug Asian guy because he was talking to their group.  Sigh….

As much as I love my race.  Asian girls and groups (ON AVERAGE) are probably the worst ethnicity to approach and start pickup with.  There are multiple reasons for this.  Feel free to agree or disagree with rationale.

  • A big portion are socially awkward fobs and conversation with them will not improve your game.  Some times they don’t know how to do basic things like hand shakes or small talk.  You won’t be able to practice teasing and most likely they respond to comfort game.  This is bad with White girls.  You must get attraction BEFORE you do comfort.  Asian girls teaches you the other way around.
  • Asian girls are probably on average the rudest of all ethnicity when it comes to cold approach.  Some girls will flat out put their hands on your face or order you to buy them drinks.
  • I have noticed that a lot of Asian girls lack individuality and succumbed to group think.  Its one of the reasons you see them follow the crowd.  Its rare you see an Asian girl leave her big group and decide independently she wants to go with you to another part of the club.  I feel this lack of maturity.  Exception obviously if they are 30+ years old or have significantly high ratio of mixed friends.
  • Most Asian guys who are in pickup aren’t usually very tall.  Unfortunately for Asian guys, Asian girls are probably the WORST when it comes to having strict height standards.  We know height matters but it matters LESS to White girls and Latinas.  For some Asian girls, its a hard fixed rule.  WTFBBQ.  Its like a slap in the face.
  • A lot of Asian guys are very insecure and protective of their female friends.  Even if they have no chance of getting them they will actively try to ruin your chance in the set.  Being cockblocked in Asian groups is astronomically higher than all other ethnicities.
That being said, it can be quite intimidating to open Asian sets as a newbie.  Massive harsh rejections plus the lack of witty banter and conversations from the other end can stunt your growth and motivation.  If you want to grow some big pair of balls and you want to learn to not give a fuck by ALL MEANS open Asian groups haha.  I obviously open a lot of Asian sets because I like Asian girls with White girl personalities but you have to realize with Asian sets, its very POLARIZING.  Either they hate you or they love you.  You have to be able to deal with it.  I have a thick skin so its all fun and games for me.