Quick Pickup Tip #1

Quick Pickup Tip #1


Avoid wearing dark colored dress shirts (especially black) for day game in malls where there are a lot of kiosks and you plan on approaching in the hallways.

Many kiosk employees (a lot of them are from Israel and tend to be very aggressive selling their stupid skin care, hair curlers, or massage gadgets) usually wear dark or black dress shirts or black t-shirts).  Wearing a casual shirt prevents girls/sets from accidentally thin-slicing you as a potential kiosk seller.  I have heard many girls look back without paying attention and say “no thanks” to my student’s opener.  If possible, also wait till the set moves slightly further away from the kiosk before opening.

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    • Anonymous at 12:43 am

      How does this all of a sudden become about race. I am Asian too, but every time we yell and squirm that we are taking Ls, and that it is harder for us, we lose time and lose focus on what is positive about being an Asian male: we are not dumb as fuck, and would rather fuck a clean pig then the pigs seen in that video.

    • Anonymous at 5:08 am

      Not race but this guy was hard to watch bc he did nothing. I mean he was literally holding the girls hand while in that guys arms. If anything he shiuld have at least been like ok peace bitch and walked off to save some face. I’m an Asian guy too so I know the stereotypes. It’s one thing to be rejected. It’s another to be humiliated.

  1. Anonymous at 9:08 pm

    Ouch that video posted was really really tough to watch. I’m also Asian and I’m sure the guy is just a nice dude, but damn he just stood there. It looked like he was flying solo too which is harder than if you have other guy friends. I’ve had this happen too before, but I don’t know how to address it solo.

  2. Anonymous at 11:37 pm

    How do you know for sure? It looks real to me.. My guess is that the title of the video is an exaggeration; I think they both met her that night. If that’s true, this happens all the time. I’m a white guy and I’ve had big black guys swoop white girls from me in LA. It happens.

    • Anonymous at 2:44 am

      there was a comment on wshh that said it was a prostitution street cause he’s been there before. The guy has to do that to avoid look like he’s solicitating in front of clubs.

  3. Anonymous at 4:30 am

    Hey SC, my day game success rate as an Asian guy is very low. Hard to believe, but I actually know guys who have made over 1000 approaches in DG and not get laid. I am at < 1% lay rate. How do I improve this, what kind of mindset should I approach this? I really want a cool, smart, good looking GF. I hardly do night game any more. I got >15 lays from night game, but I am sick of it and I just want a cool GF. Social circle is tough too since I am into white girls, and my social circle is mostly Asian. I do direct game btw.

    • Anonymous at 8:06 pm

      You can’t possibly expect Mike to give you a comprehensive review on how to cold approach during the day here. He doesn’t know anything about you, your stats, your style of game, sticking points etc. TBH, I don’t think being Asian has that much if anything to do with success in dating. In fact, if you broke the stereotype at the get go, you come across very attractive to women. Also, if your social circle consists mostly of Asians and you like white girls, well then, you know what you should work on.

    • Squattincassanova at 1:11 am

      1000 approaches isn’t TOO bad. I did around 500 approaches before I got my first lay. Then after the first lay, I got five lays back to back every weekend. There can be a lot of factors influencing day game. You would have to post an infield video of some sort for me to see whats going on. During the day, the key is to act normal. You can meet decent girls from night game or day game. My current girl that I am seeing is from night game.

    • Anonymous at 2:43 am

      I’m not pickup coach nor mikes student. But as a normal guy the thing I find that works with women is #1 looks and then money. I would rather work on those things then be mass approach which is not the way to do it.
      Attraction is not arbitrary. Replace confidence with good looks and money and I gurantee you’ll do a lot better

  4. Anonymous at 12:29 pm

    Confidence means certainty of a good result. If you’re unattractive and a girl responds lukewarm to your daytime approach, there is no way you can be confident. A good looking tall white guy will not need 1000 approaches to get laid. Work on yourself, not your “game”.

  5. Anonymous at 3:21 pm

    It’s funny to read all of you guys going on about how only pretty much looks and money matter. I know a guy who’s a fat slob and kind of an asshole, but the guy has game, so he pulls all the time. He’s always texting some girl. It’s nuts. I also know a short, weird looking little guy who pulls as well, because guess what? He talks to girls.

    Sure, the popular guys tend to be taller and white, but that’s because they’re the most popular. You don’t need to be the most popular, you just need to be reasonably social. From what I’ve seen, shorter guys or fat pigs might get 2 or 3 times the girls if they were jacked and or taller, but as long as they have games, they’ll still pull loads and loads, and in contrast with a tall white guy who doesn’t have any game, they’ll pull like 10x as much.

    Sure, working on yourself makes it easier, but with better game you don’t need to. Just look at fucking Tyler from RSD at his worse. He was a fucking fat midget with weird ass, shoulder length, really fucked up hair and a fucked up beard. And the guy still pulled, because he had game.

  6. Anonymous at 7:06 pm

    Lol, Tyler is 5’9 and he’s white, that’s a step up from some of the guys seeking help here.

    These fat/short/ugly guys you claim “pull all the time” are not pulling girls of decent quality, they’re pulling ugly and/or massively obese whales. No sane decent looking club girl will settle for an inferior looking guy when she has so many good looking guys approaching her with some “game”.

    You’re presenting a false scenario in which the good looking guys don’t have game, when in reality they have the most game because they have always been treated and reacted to positively due to the effect of their looks.

    Furthermore game does not exist in a vacuum, you can only have as much game as the girl allows you to. If she has a blank expression to everything you say because you’re not her “type”, your game will be “bad” even if you are being witty and “confident”.

    Have you ever heard girls chat amongst themselves about what guys they like? Do they say “that guy is hot because of his ‘game’, and he’s so confident!” Or do they say “I have a crush on that guy, he’s so tall and broad-shouldered, and he looks just like Henry Cavill!” I guarantee you it is 100% the latter.

    Girls are not these easy targets who you can manipulate with “game”. They’re very socially savvy because they are always involved in social settings. They place value foremost on a man’s physical presence and facial aesthetics, and then on his money and social status. Because these are real, tangible things, that display value in society.

    Game does matter A LITTLE, provided you meet her basic qualifications (race, height, facial aesthetics). But your inherent and persistent traits (physical, social standing, financial), matter infinitely more in her perception of you.

    • Anonymous at 10:58 pm

      Uh… No man.. The chicks some guys I know go out with are fine as hell. Girls just make up bullshit to justify why they like a guy, but the base reason is some hard to express concept of things going smoothly because they are confident/have experience, things that anyone can acquire if they put in the work. Looks only help you in the sense that they frame you. Have you fucking seen Tyler at his worst? I would have opted to shoot the guy he looked like such a piece of trash.
      Srs… Look at the fucking guy: http://i.imgur.com/QdTbf.jpg

      Hell, even now he’s a short balding ginger as some chode put it. But because his game is so good, he can set whatever frame he wants.

      Looks help because they can set the right frame from the get go, save you some time and can cover up a lack of game to a degree, but they’ll only get you so far, and you can get there without looks if you have good game and just get them to listen to you/realize.

      You just have to believe all of this shit because it’s what you’ve always been told and if you stop believing it then you have to come to the realization that all of your self development is worth far less than you thought it was and that you actually have to grab some balls and go out. That’s why the “only self development works” is such a big fucking thing.

  7. Anonymous at 11:51 pm

    “Have to believe”, right, just like I have to believe in religion. Self-development is legit for improving your career and getting skilled at things, but primal physical attractiveness reigns supreme when it comes to mating. Countless studies have shown this. Girls claim personality as the number one factor, but looks have the highest correlation with who they start a relationship with. There is a difference between what they say and what they do.

    No doubt numbers game and exposure is legit, but when someone has failed to get one lay after 1000 approaches, it’s time to face reality and stop torturing himself to “improve” his personality. At that point you need to detach and figure out how to improve your looks and career.

    Girls are even MORE selective than guys about looks. Guys are ok with most girls who aren’t facially deformed and are not morbidly obese. Girls have race requirements, height limits, face ideals, physique ideals.

    Think about how a girl can look good whether she has a soft round face or a sharp defined face. A guy with a soft round face is considered 2nd tier at best. A guy MUST have good facial definition to be considered hot. And don’t give Dicaprio as a counterexample, he has more defined cheekbones and jaws then anyone in RSD’s bootcamps.

    • Anonymous at 2:16 am

      Think what you wanna think, I just know plenty of decent looking, tallish, smart, successful white guys with jobs and a college education and all that bullshit who are passive and don’t get shit and I know plenty of fucked up facially/skinny or fat guys who do far better because they work, and they have an underlying core confidence. It’s just framing… that’s all looks add to this shit. Heck even Tyler and others talk about how they started with loads of self development and although they liked it and it complemented their game after they started, as long as they were passive there was no results.

      There’s no reason for you to want to limit yourself outside of you wanting to limit yourself. That’s why you “have” to believe this shit. I know plenty of tallish, good looking white guys who are fucking pussies and never get laid. Even when they ask girls out they get shot down. Does it help? Definitely, might even multiple your results, but even Mike will say that you need some underlying level of basic game, otherwise you’re fucked, and with an underlying level of game, anyone can get laid with attractive girls.

    • Squattincassanova at 4:19 am

      Well, until I see the guy, I have no idea what he is doing wrong. It could be due to bad game or it could be due to some appearance related issues or even a combination of both. Until I see the guy, everything is speculation. There is really no point in arguing when there is no evidence of anything. I don’t think that anybody is arguing that looks help.

  8. Anonymous at 1:26 am

    God, that graphic is horrifying. The top 5% of guys do more than TWICE as well as the 90-95th percentile guys. There goes my cutoff theory.

    • Anonymous at 2:29 am

      I’d like to see where this comes from. Regardless, it doesn’t say they do twice as well, just that they appear twice twice as attractive. Big difference.

    • Anonymous at 3:02 am

      Learn how to read a graph. The graph plots first contacts (a measure of success) vs. attractiveness ratings.

  9. Anonymous at 5:32 am

    I’m an Asian guy and have done tons of daygame. If that’s what you primarily do and depending on your geographic you can expect the first 150-200 to be burners. It took that many before I could even get numbers consistently. Also if you approach white girls or non asian girls expect a little more rejection than normal. Daygame girls are not drinking and the atmosphere is not social like nights. I used to think that there was something wrong with me but from an efficency standpoint daygame isn’t there. Even Paul Janka has a very low conversion rate. I can’t imagine being asian helps the situation. Again not an excuse I’m just sharing my own experience. I haven’t gotten a chance to fuck from a daygame but I have at least made progress. Night game is different and given the right set of circumstances it’s better for getting sex.

    Just how it is so I don’t get caught up too much on daygame. I get a lot of flakes myself

    • Anonymous at 6:13 am

      I need to work on my night time pulls because everything during the day is basically by default day 2. A lot of girls will text but ultimately not meet up and waste my time. Now I just shoot a few messages then push to meet up or toss the number. Women for me seem to have no problem getting attention from me then ultimately putting me in the friend zone or flake altogether. To address this I’ve just adopted a more disciplined approach to meet up or gtfo. As a guy though we all need pushy myself included so I’ll try online and bars more. P.s. This is the same poster.

    • Anonymous at 10:04 pm

      This is the same poster as the above 2, I should probably put a hashtag or something. Daygame is just another tool for meeting women just like anything else. If you are only doing daygame, then you should at least try to implement other means as well because daygame solo isn’t the most efficient. I’m all about working smarter not harder, and you can literally waste hours upon hours on daygame. I spend about 70% of the time looking for women and only 30% talking to them. If I can even talk to 3 hot girls in 1 hr then that’s good. Usually I try to shoot for 3-4 girls/hr any less is a waste. So I’ll break it down:

      3-4 hrs to talk to 10 acceptable girls via daygame that are actually hot: Get a number from maybe 7 of them.

      If I am lucky maybe 1-2 may meet up out of 28-30 numbers.

      So for you guys following along that’s 12-16 hours to get 1-2 girls for a day 2, after approaching what…like 40-43 women or so.

      Out of the 1-2 we talk for awhile and maybe hangout, but none I have fucked so far.

      At Vegas or at the bars, you could do 40-43 women approaches in a single night. If not that many at least 25-30 is doable. Plus at the bars, the women are more social and have been drinking so they are more open to being fucked.

      During the day, I don’t care how comfortable you are, at the end of the day you are a complete stranger to her while she is stone cold sober, and you need to make a reason in a few minutes why she should make an effort to see you again later. Unless you are really attractive, you better be prepared to play the numbers game and spend a TON of hours. You must be over the top obsessed to keep doing this because it by no means is efficient.

      I’d say if you want pussy, hit up bars/clubs/Vegas/online ?
      If you want to date, try doing club hobbies or adult groups where there is a common interest.

      I’m all about putting in the effort, but I don’t have the time or energy to commit 40+hours/week for daygame.

      -Jacob J.

  10. Anonymous at 6:12 am

    I was the guy who posted the day game question originally. Just to give you a perspective and see where I am coming from…

    I get 1 lay out of 30-40 day time approaches with Asian girls.
    I get 1 lay out of 300+ approaches with white girls.

    The point is not getting laid. I want a quality girl now. A cool, attractive, smart GF. I can already get laid. I can get laid online, I have pulled enough girls from bars and clubs. For me, the ceiling for the quality of girls from online and night game is somewhat low. Quantity and efficiency, sure online and night game.

    I am also trying meet-up groups, clubs, classes. These are probably even less efficient than day gaming. Maybe a decent girl here and there. I am doing them more to enjoy or learn whatever activity and to socialize in general. I like to build a social circle too, but being an older Asian guy, it’s quite a challenge to build a social circle with lots of hot, smart, young white girls.

    Anyways, not here to rant. I’ll keep you guys posted with my progress, and of course whatever anyone finds interesting or useful please share.

    – Asian Day Gamer

    • Anonymous at 5:11 am

      whoa whoa dude; what about spanish girls? brown girls?…fuck, even black girls? Dude you gotta game across the board if you wanna be truly good at game. The more you push your comfort zone, the easier you can get at daygame. Being polarizing and memorable are key to deterring flakes. Moreover, always try to push for that instant date (coffee shop, some random cheap place, just somewhere you guys can sit and talk).

      Going to a different locale can make the girl feel like she’s known you for a while; crazy subconscious shit, I know.

      try bookstores and record stores, you got shit tons of quality chicks in there.

      But the most important is inner game. Be confident in your actions and yourself because chicks pick up on this sooooo much, like holy shit.

      I’m just throwing ideas that have worked ’cause if you think you’ve got it bad for being Asian…I’m black and kinda skinny with glasses. And this daygame shit is actually kinda working for me.

      -Awkward black guy.

  11. Anonymous at 7:41 am

    I’d say I’d have the same rate when it comes to Asian girls. Most will flirt more noticeably and are more receptive. With white girls or for me non asian they are just not as receptive. I think white men are more open to dating non white but with asian men it’s harder at least for me. Black girls are slightly receptive but Latina and white girls just take so much fucking time.

    There’s just this stigma still about asian men so I work out and try to portray myself far away from the stereotype as possible. Most recently one white girl asked me if I am good with computer. ..bitch. I called her out too.

    I haven’t found anything too game changing except playing all areas along with daygame. It’s just a grind and that’s just the pure fact.

    With a quality girl I’d just keep Looking and look in the 28-30 age group. Most will have careers or its obvious if they don’t and more mature. It may be very hard to find a quality non difficult girl younger.

    One I gotta say and I know all you asian brother will agree with me, asian girls age A LOT better than white girls. I’ve met asian women who are 35 look better than white girls at 25. One white girl I talked to was 25 and looked like shit with wrinkles. Her heavy drinking definitely played a role.

    -Jacob J.

  12. Anonymous at 4:13 pm

    As an Asian guy, I can kind of relate what you guys are going through; but there is a certain degree of role-playing that perpetrates the existing stereotypes regarding Asian men. Women don’t like you not because your Asian, but because you’re unattractive. I don’t blame Asian women for dating outside their race. They can do whatever they want. How can you expect them to like Asian guys if you don’t give them a reason to in the first place. Many Asian guys spend their childhood playing video games and not socializing so don’t expect your body to fully develop if that’s all you do. Seriously step your game up, sometimes it’s embarrassing being an Asian guy if I have to associate with a bunch of losers who know quantum physics but aren’t smart enough to get a date. And about the penis size, be glad you’re not circumcised- uncut > size any day.

  13. Anonymous at 6:07 pm

    Stop blaming your race only. Facially average/unattractive/shortish white guys will struggle more than an attractive tall masculine Asian guy. It’s easier to blame racism than the fact you are plain less physically attractive than the guys who are beating you out.

    Mike will beat out average white guys most of the time because he’s decently tall, built, and his masculine face complements that, despite not being pretty. His face is way more masculine than the average white guy’s. This is sexual selection, and my best advice is to improve your sexual market value through whatever means are available.

  14. Anonymous at 8:13 pm

    Neither me or the other guy are blaming being Asian as a shortfall. I stated earlier and the other person acknowledged that being Asian is a factor. I’m 5’10” so I’m not as tall as Mike, we both dress alike, Mike is more cut and bigger than I am, but I am more attractive than Mike is. He’s not an ugly guy by any means but looks wise I have a better facial structure. I am also the same age as Mike. So the only difference between us is height, muscle (Mike is more cut but I am built), and looks.

    Regarding weight I can maybe drop another 5 lbs but I find that negligible. It’s not like I am 90 lbs overweight and need to cut. I already have a 31″ waist at 5’10” and 165lbs with the top abs showing.

    -Jacob J.

    • Anonymous at 12:50 am

      Hydrotesting is the most accurate but it costs cash. Those scales and electronic gadgets are inaccurate and a waste of money.

      Costwise I recommend calipers which are fairly accurate for the cost. I’m about 11-12% or so. I have some abs but not sliced definition. The lowest I’d go is maybe 9-10% which i could keto in a few months. I eat clean 95% of the time. If you cut too much then your face gets sunken. I’m not like Mike where I have a fast metabolism. I’m an ectomorph so to stay lean I eat Only 150g or so of carbs unless I am doing cardio. Sucks but that’s life.

      -Jacob J.

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