Secret Part 6 Video!

Secret Part 6 Video!

Part 6 of the Series is Up!

Here is how to watch it.  In each of the 5 videos below, there is a secret word in the annotations.  When you have all 5 words, simply type _ ____ ______ ___ ____  (all in one string, no spaces)



Part 1  _

Part 2  _ _ _ _

Part 3 _ _ _ _ _ _

Part 4 _ _ _

Part 5 _ _ _ _

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  1. Anil India at 6:58 am

    Yaa i watched it on desktop
    In first video the annotation is
    Secret word is:
    Thats all!!!
    Anyhow i collected all words and watched the video… are doing great job…..keep doing it.
    I have also shown escalation to my gf before going for actual escalation…..hahaha…it works.

  2. Alex at 10:34 am

    Hey Mike,

    This is a random question, but when you were living in CA and also working with DJ Fuji where were you guys located at ? I thought I read something that both of you were in Temecula. If that’s the case, where did you guys sarge ? Seems that the closest big place is hitting the 15 to San Diego ?

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