So You Got a Number But You Forgot Who It Is…

So You Got a Number But You Forgot Who It Is…

Ever get so many numbers you have no idea who that person is?  This happens to me all the time.  I open so many sets that its almost a blur.  I pretty much will forget any girl who I spend less than 30 minutes with.  Well chances are she has a Facebook account.  I don’t know why I just found this out today but you can enter their phone number in Facebook search and if they have a Facebook account, it will show their profile.

Great for those of you jackasses who always forget their names or even what they look like but don’t have the button cam like me to record every little detail of the interaction 🙂

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  1. Anonymous at 8:57 pm

    Random question.

    How come the concepts taught by rsd is being sold as project go material by simple pickup? What gives

  2. Anonymous at 12:50 am

    Samefag here.

    Currently 22 and not able to work on game as much as I like.

    When did you started game? Currently in grad school and won’t be done until 25 so I feel like I’m losing out on time and getting older.

    Due to school I can only go out twice a month. Living at home with parents make even harder to go out late.

    How do you deal with living at home with conservative Asian parents? Assuming moving out can’t be done until at least 3 years after graduation. Links back to the getting older issue…


    • Squattincassanova at 2:04 am

      I didn’t start going out until I was 27. You’re fine. And I don’t live with my parents. I been by myself since I was 18. Get the fuck out of the house because living at home makes you never grow up.

    • Anonymous at 6:26 pm

      Squattin, how do you deal with living 45 minutes from the venues. Pulling is a major problem for me for that reason. What are some of your suggestions for F-closing some of these girls on the same night?

    • Squattincassanova at 6:38 pm

      If you’re logistics are bad, you’re going to end up having to day 2 most of the girls. That’s just the way it is. When I lived an hour away from San Diego and LA, my day 2 lay ratio to SNL was like 4:1. Now that I live in Vegas, my SNL to day 2 ratio is like 4:1!

      So really the answer to your problem… MOVE.

  3. Anonymous at 2:55 am

    Another thing thats great is iContacts+ this is something i use. Sometimes you put the number in with their name, but you don’t know where it is, aside from the obvious HB labiling. icontacts+ arranges the contacts by time added so it helps out a lot.

  4. Anonymous at 5:05 am

    hey squatman,

    julien says direct or indirect doesnt matter. but how can i roll up during the day going indirect while being man to ho?

  5. Anonymous at 3:54 pm

    Hey Mike, just a heads up, you probably want to block out part of the number and pic here for privacy sakes : D.

    And nice advice.

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