Vegas for the Whole Week Through RSD Summit

Vegas for the Whole Week Through RSD Summit

I am in Vegas from Aug 3rd – 12th.  This also coincides with the RSD World Summit.  I was at Marquee Saturday night and funny thing, the whole RSD crew showed up.  Julien, Brad, Todd, and Ozzie were all there teaching a bootcamp.  Julien stole the sash from some bachelorette girl and ended up making out with one of her friends.

I was tempted to jump into his set and troll but his set hooked too strong haha.  I am sure we will bump into each other the next few days. I will attempt to cockblock him when he opens a set and see if I can steal his set.  If I do, I will definitely put it on YouTube lol.  This will all be in good fun of course.

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  1. Anonymous at 3:33 am


    You have conspicuously demonstrated that consistent hard work can transform a guy from being a beta male to an alpha male. More props to you for documenting this amazing transformation. You are a big motivation for me.

    I go out by myself and I can approach at most 5 women in a 3 hour time span. I’m too inefficient.

    (1) Did you take a boot camp before you started going out on your own?

    (2) If yes, with whom, and do you think I would be better off taking a boot camp? I want to be able to approach 15 – 20 sets while following the 3-second rule.

    The PUAs I want to train under are Derek Cajun and Justin Wayne. (Search them on Youtube.) What do you think about them?

    • Squattincassanova at 3:32 pm

      I took a bootcamp with 3 guys who are not known on the internet with the exception of old school CasanovaCrew members. They were Blue, Grandma, and Kino.

      I wouldn’t say I started becoming an approach machine until after I became DJ Fuji’s assistant.

      If just want to learn to approach more sets and plow more sets, thats fairly easy to do. Pretty much any company can have approach coaches yell at you and force you to approach. I think it really comes down to pricing. Cajun is too old school and Justin Wayne is too indirect. I just can’t see Black guys be so indirect with game, especially during day game lol. If you have more questions, you can email me.

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