Positive And Negative Qualities Impacting Clients on Coaching Programs

All Types of PUA Guys On Bootcamp

All Types of PUA Guys On Bootcamp

I have been in this business for 8 years so over this time I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of not only pick up but the different personality archetypes that seek dating and pickup coaching.  I have compiled a list of 21 different student types who have taken my bootcamps.  I am sure there are more archetypes, however, this was the list that I was able to come up with.



While excreting matter from ones bowels is a natural part of biology… There is a time and place. For some reason every now and again we come across a student that needs to go whenever we get to the club. This wastes a lot of the students time, and when you are paying about $1500 for a weekend of coaching you would think these students would be cherishing their learning time. Either way a pro tip at the club… more talking, less pooping.


Believe it or not we actually get quite a few decent looking guys that have issues with approaching. These guys are not virgins either. They are often just lazy and reluctant to put in the work for progress. They fall into the trap of being comfortable and either just wait till the girls come to them or they stick to easy sets.


It’s no surprise that these high level professionals always out perform the lazier students. These types of students are no stranger to putting in the work in order to achieve their goals and their proven intelligence often means they are quick learners.  They also are able to grind massive hours and tend to have a good memory and are usually quick implementers.


These students have literally consumed every single piece of pick up material they can find. They are fans of every pick up coach. If that’s your thing, cool. Personally I’ve never consumed much material outside the mainstream channels so I’m not going to be too helpful if you want to ask me questions about other pick up gurus. My thoughts is you should put down the pick up guides and actually get out there and do some approaches and work on self development instead of what other people are doing.


Now every time I think of the story it cracks me up. This student is a one of a kind to say the least. I my early days I encountered a student that was a chronic masturbator and I don’t use the word chronic lightly. This guy was late to the bootcamp because he pulled over to the side of road for a masturbation session. The guy was 1.5hrs late and was so brutally honest with the reason you have to respect it. All jokes aside please don’t be that guy.


These kids are often immature and don’t have their finances sorted. These kids cannot be brought into the club. Aside from this logistical nightmare they often have difficulties focusing and don’t listen to instructions too well. If you want to come to us for coaching services please wait until you are at least 21. For the meantime work on self development or finish school.


These students that have high paying jobs, pay for expensive flights and bootcamp then decide to cheap out in areas such as where they are staying, not paying for a $3.50 cup of coffee for their date. Often times their frugality costs them the lay. Please divide your spending in a rational manner and don’t choose to be stingy in critical moments.  One time a student was pulling and decided to have the girl walk 20 minutes to the hotel with him instead of calling the Uber, that didn’t work so well and it cost him the lay.


I believe approach anxiety plays a role in this. These guys when told to approach move at a snails pace and expect to catch up with the girl who is walking at a faster pace. If we tell you to approach you best speed it up or you’re going to lose the set.


Similar to the last one these guys clearly have approach anxiety but don’t want to address it. So when I tell them to approach they act like they don’t know who I am pointing at.  It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the girl I am telling you to approach is clearly not the one making out with her boyfriend.


Now I don’t know why Houdini keeps taking our bootcamp but these guys always somehow disappear in the club and don’t check their messages. If you are taking coaching please be advised that it is probably in your best interest to keep an open communication with the coach to maximize your learning time.


One of the ex students I kid you not had ‘My Little Pony’ Curtains in his bedroom. Now if you have no problems closing, more power to you but if you want my advice… your chances will probably increase if you remove the ‘My Little Pony’ paraphernalia that makes you look like a weird ‘Brony’.


Similar to the good looking guy these guys are just lazy. They rely on their status to get girls. Pick up is an equalizer, put in the work and you will see results. Getting rich guys to try and not use their wealth is often difficult.


Similar to the above. What these guys lack in game they make up for in wealth. Strip Clubs warp your perspective of attractive women. They believe they are too good for some women while being too scared to approach the ’10’s’ they feel entitled to.


I get quite a few guys that are well adjusted and social. These guys are so occupied by social commitments that they don’t have time for self development.


Now I’m all for getting lays, I would not be in this line of work if I wasn’t. However these guys need to work on being more considerate and aware of the people around them.  On bootcamps, please take the time to communicate and not just focus on the girl and completely disregard everyone else.  Some examples include making other people wait, leaving condoms around, trying to close the girl in people’s rooms that you are not allowed in or didn’t get agreement in advance.


Some of our students come from introverted backgrounds and are aliens to the club life. The loud music, other competing guys and high density of attractive women intimidates them and they freeze up. They begin to make excuses on why they can’t come to the club. Let me put it this way, it’s a jungle out there and in order to grow you need to move through the rough. Additionally why come to Vegas if you refuse to go to the clubs?  The clubs are pretty much the main attraction in this city.


I don’t believe in using props or tricks to hook girls. I believe on focusing core verbal skills that allow you to be versatile in any situation. Additionally verbals are a powerful tool for life in general for instance in professional work environments. Could you imagine a billionaire businessman pulling out a deck of cards in the middle of a corporate meeting?


I feel like I’m stating the obvious here but being able to memorize what your learned is critical to your growth as a student. Additionally students that forget information about girls can jeopardize their sets as the girl may feel disrespected and will proceed to reject you. Work on memory exercises to improve this.


Surprisingly I get a few of these guys on bootcamp.  They generally don’t try to fully commit to closing however most of them mainly just practice approaching and verbal skills.  I think its usually because they are at a point in their marriage where they are unhappy and they are exploring contingency plans or in case something happens, they would have the skill set to find another person.


This is a common habit where students will repeat the last the the girl said.  It is generally a form of stalling but they don’t have anything to follow up with.  While this may not be a deal breaker in the conversation, it can stale out the conversation quickly if you do this too much instead of adding your own stories, jokes, or content.


I understand that the best way to overcome approach anxiety is to just approach and not make excuses. However please take a couple of seconds to assess your environment and the girl you are considering approaching. If the girl is with a guy already and is making out, that is probably not a good set to go into.  Take some to digest the group.  What is going on here?  Are they here for work?  Are they happy?  Are they upset and something happened?  Did they just blow out another guy?  Do the friends look overly protective?  Take a moment to digest and assess before going in.

That’s all folks, see you in the next blog.

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