Helping Student Pull With My Girl

My Girlfriend (At The Time) Is The Best Wing

My Girlfriend (At The Time) Is The Best Wing

Here is the newest video of the week! A couple of comments to add about this video.

First and foremost, it was the girl’s first time in a Vegas club and therefore she is very receptive to approaches.  I have found there is a strong statistical correlation between how frequent a girl goes to a club and how receptive she is on average.  A girl from Canada or the Midwest is much more likely to be receptive than a girl from LA or Vegas who goes to clubs frequently.

Second of all, when we opened her, she was away from her friends.  This made it much easier to move her around because she was already isolated during the approach.

There are some critical moments during the interaction where you can get stuck.  The exit door and the car are two notable ones.  Once shes in your car, there is a high likelihood that she will end up back at your place.

Some personal updates about me, I been single for a month and a half now and been going out more outside of bootcamps.  The last 5 nights I went out, I pulled all 5 nights so pumping out 2 videos a week should be cakewalk.  The only pain is the video editing part.

Also, me and my buddies are planning something similar to Project Go.  Its still in its early phase so I will keep you guys posted later.

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