Acquire Inherent Value

Acquire Inherent Value

When ever you get into conversations on PUA forums.  There is always the discussion of whether or not looks, wealth, fashion, lifestyle matters.  You will always meet a subset of hardcore keyboard jockeys who tell you that “Game” is the only thing that matters.  I hate dogmatic keyboard jockeys.  This is what they will tell you:

“I know a guy who dress like shit and still gets laid”
“I know a guy who lives in a van and still gets girls”
“I know a guy who never showers and he still pulled”

First of all, learn some math, statistics, and experimental design bro.  Just because you find one outlier, it does not prove a trend.  Just because one short guy is good at basketball, doesn’t mean height does not give you an advantage.  Just because someone smoked for 40 years and is alive does not prove that smoking isn’t bad for you.

Second of all, while it might be true that some of these guys do actually get girls, they tend to have significantly higher than average game.  Essentially, they are making up for the lack of value with disproportionate amount of game.  Its like a plant that doesn’t get enough sunlight, but happens to have a lot of fertilizer to compensate.

Third of all, “Game” is a tool.  It is not intended as a be-all-end-all fix to everything in life.  You can’t just use game to patch a shitty life.  Why do you think naturals tend to care about their health, their fashion, and their life style?  Why do you think Jersey Shore guys focus on Gym, Tan, and Laundry?  Its because it works.  I wouldn’t call these three things complete and I still consider them to be retarded bone heads but these traits are still inherent value.  Why tell DHV stories to make you appear to have pre-selection when you can just have a physical presence that speaks for you?  I don’t need to run DHV stories to talk about how active I am.  I don’t need DHV stories to tell girls I am healthy.  She can just use her eyeballs.

I understand that when you start out, you do need to fake it till you make it.  However I feel that over the course of the last few years, I see so many guys and wings out there not working on their lifestyle at ALL.  I see guys writing posts about how to take a girl on a day 2 but can’t afford parking or even a five dollar frozen yogurt.  WTF man.  Even if you can get the girl, you’re not going to keep the girl.  Acquire inherent value brah.  Once you do, you don’t need to run DHV since most of the time it appears contrived.  Once you acquire inherent value, pretty much everything that comes out of your mouth is a DHV, but except you’re not coming from the frame of trying to impress a girl.  More about DHV stories in a later post.

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