Baiting Girl For Response – Don’t Be Ignored

Baiting Girl For Response – Don’t Be Ignored

Have you been in a situation where you approach a girl who looks completely indifferent and bored.  She’s not receptive but she also didn’t tell you to fuck off either.  She is somewhere in the middle… probably on the lower end of the neutral to negative side.  Most likely, you’re talking over her shoulder and shes not directly looking at you, or shes playing on her phone not really paying attention to what you’re saying.  At most, she’s giving you one word responses.  We’ve all been there, it sucks being invisible.

Now remember, the worst way a girl can respond isn’t even getting mad at you, its completely ignoring you.  You can’t game a girl if she’s not even crediting your mortal existence.  I would rather piss off a girl than to be ignored.  Now take the last comment with a grain of salt.  I’m not suggesting you go up to girls and just randomly talk shit… its always BETTER to elicit a positive reaction.  Some times its too hard or its not possible at that point in time, and that’s where you got to bait and troll for a reaction.  I  know so many of my YouTube viewers are such good trollers on the internet, I don’t know why they can’t use it in real life.  Now keep in mind, the art of trolling isn’t blatantly talk shit.  Its actually pretend like you’re not talking shit but you get the other person emotionally engaged or try to defend themself.

This is where you have to use your observational skills.  You also need to look at inconsistencies of what she’s saying so you can poke holes at her argument.  I’m not sure if I got this skill from cold approach in the field or my years spent on internet forums making serious debates lol.  I will give you a few examples.

I met this girl who was with a group of girls, probably 5-6 total outside in the patio.  The girl I opened was sitting down while all her other friends were standing on the ledge cheering and dancing to David Guetta.  When I approached her, she immediately dismissed me and told me she was just here to support her friends and that’s all shes here for.   The first thing I do is look at her and her surroundings and look at inconsistencies.  ALL of her friends are facing the DJ and dancing, and this girl is just sitting down and facing the other way by herself… literally facing the wall like a loner!  Ta-da! I can now call her out for being a shitty friend.  It’s apparent, she is the only odd one out of the group.  BOOM, she’s trying to justify herself, and all of a sudden I’m in the set.

Another example, I met this girl with tattoos who told me she was from Seattle.  Again, she didn’t give me anything much so I knew I had to elicit a response.  I grew up in Seattle so I knew the area very well.  I told her she didn’t look like shes’s from Seattle and that she looks like she could be a thug and probably lives in Kent.  FYI Kent is a city on the south side of Seattle with a lot of crime and a penitentiary.  In her response, she was like no no no!  I really do live in Seattle!  Boom, got a reaction, set opened up.

In a nut shell, this skill takes practice in cold reading, making observations, and obviously taking a risk.  How to put this into effect?  When a girl is ignoring you… instead of ejecting and leaving the set.  Take a deep breathe, take a look at the environment, take a look at her, do your best to come up with something (and please don’t talk about the weather lol).

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