What’s the Best Time to Open Sets?

Just from my experience, 11pm-12:30pm is probably the best window for opening sets.  Before 11, its too early and people are still getting in the club, moving around, and finding their friends.  Its rather hard because there are so many moving sets.  A lot of times they are checking out the club or getting a drink and its hard to hook a set with a super short time window.
When its too late, the girls are tired, drunk, irritated from being hit on by chodes, and also their feet hurts so they are usually sitting on some random object holding their shoes.  This makes it difficult for me to isolate them because their feet hurts and they don’t want to move.  You basically have to build enough attraction to over come their feet pain.  I have always found drunk / tired girls to be extremely hard sets simply because their brain just cant handle the conversation.  It pretty much breaks game principles since you can’t really build attraction or comfort because their brain is pretty much gone.  The only rare exception I have found is if they are extremely physically attracted to you.  In that case, escalation is extremely easy haha, especially on the dance floor.
Looking back at all my great nights with girls that I really connnect with.  I met them between 11pm-12 am.  I get full isolation with them, and the interaction lasts 1-2 hours or I pull.  Some times logistics fail me and their friends pull them back, and if its already 1pm or 1:30pm, I am usually shit out of luck for the rest of the night.  Vegas it’s a bit later but seriously, after 3pm…. sets usually get retardly stupid.  Maybe its my style.  I’m not the guy that follow girls to the bitter end like jumping into their cab with them like Tyler does.  If a girl doesn’t remember me the next day, I don’t think its worth it.
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