Coming Full Circle: An Important Realization

Today I went to a day 2 that ended with a lay.  Whats interesting was that I didn’t talk a lot about myself.  I barely mentioned anything about me.  Almost everything I said was in the form of questioning or relating.

Its funny when you start out, the first rule any PUA would tell you is to not ask so many damn questions and not to train stack your damn questions.  After a few months, your verbals improve, and you sort of go to the other extreme.  You become more like a self absorbed asshole who seems to be only into yourself and the girls don’t connect with that.  This is great for the attraction phase but it almost kills you during comfort/rapport phase.  I used to talk on end about how awesome I was and how my life was great.  Lets not forget, the attraction phase is much shorter than the comfort phase.  Unless that chick is super submissive and compliant, shes just going to get bored to death of you talking about yourself.  Believe me, I have done that on the phone where I just ramble on about everything in my head.
But now, I sort of scaled back. I don’t talk that much about myself, especially if shes already into me.  In fact, I ask a lot questions and it still works because a lot of my attraction stuff is sub-communicated.  Its great because it gets the girl to invest a lot by talking about herself and any time she invests, its always a good thing.  The other great thing about this is I am being a way better listener and being able to relate.  Further more, I learn a shit load of new information.  Some of these chicks talk non-stop and once in a while, you hear something of a gem thats worth noting down (but only once in a while)!  A lot of the shit that comes out are pretty stupid too.

This is the paradox and nuances of Game.  Depending on what your level / skillset is at, an advice at a certain level might be terrible, but that same advice could be golden when you reach a different level.

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