Common Sense On Seeking Advice

Common Sense On Seeking Advice

I would say I’m a pretty nice guy.  My level of trolling in real life is probably 100 fold less than online… at least with people I know or people I perceive as generally nice or sincere.  I wouldn’t say I am famous… far from it… but usually on a night out in a Vegas club, I get called out maybe a few times.  Even when I am maxed out with 3 students, I will still take a few minutes to say hi and have a quick chat.  Usually people ask if I am Squattincassanova and mention a few things in a particular video they like and they share some info about themselves. I give them a few tips and so forth.

Then, you also get guys shown in the example below.


Seriously, WTF is this shit? If you want knowledge / value / feedback from someone, its common sense to do some background research and at least show to that person that you are serious and committed.   Its just common courtesy.

Lets say for an example that you’re applying for med school and you go to a particular university and the interviewer asks you about why you want to apply at this university and you didn’t even know the name of the fucking school let alone why you like it.  Is that a slap in the face or what?

This is why so many pickup guys fail.  They do very little background work or provide value themselves and they expect other people to just provide endless value in return.   A lot of times its a “me me me” mentality.  This is the very reason why guys who are good with game are always driven away from lairs.

On the flip side, there are also people who do background research, read my blogs, figure out what I want, and in exchange offer value in other forms whether its marketing, interning, video work, various other forms of knowledge that I don’t have.  I will admit, there are a lot of things in this world that I don’t know much about.  I have noticed that a lot of guys who do pickup coaching end up with hanging out and mingling with other successful people who initially don’t have game but have strengths in other areas such as business, marketing, and other entrepreneurship.

The other thing I have noticed is that people who are willing to pay for bootcamps generally are BETTER people to hang out with and coach than people who expect it for free.  The average person who had paid for my bootcamp has been significantly better quality than the average guys I meet in lairs and I have been to a lot of lairs.  Why is this the case?  They are investing money, time, and also travel so they are likely to be more serious.  They tend to be more hard working and are more career oriented.  They are likely to be doing something with their lives.

So in a nutshell, the next time when seeking advice from people, give them some respect by doing some background work and think of certain strengths that you have and offer value so that its a win/win situation.  This guy above asked me how he can search for me on YouTube when my fucking link is on my Facebook profile and not to mention my Facebook name is the exact same as my YouTube channel and my location is listed on Facebook as well.

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