Cross Country Road Trip – 10/2 – 10/6 (New York City)

Cross Country Road Trip – 10/2 – 10/6 (New York City)

Tues-Sun 10/2 – 10/6 New York City

If Vegas is considered night game mecca, then I guess NYC can be considered day game mecca.  There are sets virtually everywhere.  Since 70% of Manhattan residents don’t drive…this leads to them either walking, busing, taking the taxi, or riding the subway.  The result is you having lots of encounters with girls walking everywhere.  Furthermore, the city has a high concentration of single females… which is the reverse that of California.  California is actually quite a cockfarm despite wannabe models and aspiring actresses.

Since living conditions are tiny, most places in Manhattan don’t include a kitchen.  This explains why most people in NYC eat out all the time.  Wouldntwantanewyorkerforawife.jpg.  Eating out and always walking outside does promote more social skills.  I do feel a different vibe when I encounter NYC girls.  Their personalities on average are different than that of LA girls.  LA people drive everywhere and thus, tend to be in their own personal bubble all the time. NYC is definitely one of the major cities to check out on the east coast.  I think the top 3 of my choice obviously were the ones I had visited before; Miami, Washington DC, and New York.  Washington DC is more for the culture.  Pickup is terrible there.

The only downside of NYC is logistics.  Perhaps I haven’t been there long enough but parking and the public transportation all seem like a pain in the ass.  Everything is tiny and dirty.  I had to download an app just to figure out the subway station.  During the day time, we parked our cars near Times Square, the parking bill was 55 dollars.  I haven’t sarged in Europe but I would guess day game is similar to that of London? (speculating here, London seems like a great place with lots of international girls).

Times square is full of people for day game but it is touristy.   For night game, we ended up going to the meat packing district and also lower east side to a place called Pianos.  There we bumped into quite a few RSD guys and also Psych who were all running bootcamps there.

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