Cross Country Road Trip – 9/19 – 9/22

Cross Country Road Trip – 9/19 – 9/22

Thurs-Sat 9/19 – 9/21 Austin, TX

Austin is nuts.  The night life there is INSANE.  Even on a Thursday, 6th street was filled with people.  For those that are unaware, 6th street is the bar section of Austin.  UT Austin is nearby and therefore there are a lot of college kids.
Demographically, there is a large percentage of white girls and blonde girls.  There were some Hispanics but you definitely find wayyyy less Asians than in LA or west coast.  Asians also behave more White since there aren’t enough of them to circle jerk with each other.
Texas in general is more of a bar scene than it is club scene.  Virtually everywhere we been to are bars.  What makes 6th street unique is the high density of bars all in one spot.  The cops wall off this street at night so no cars can go by.  Sarging here is like bar hopping but also mixed with street game at night.  Its similar to doing Hollywood street game at night but the bars have no cover.  I enjoy the fresh change of scenery as you are not limited to one venue.  We were here Thurs, Fri, and Saturday.  On Saturday, I shit you not, there were probably over 20,000 people on this stretch of road.
From a pickup point of view, I do find it harder to game White girls if they grew up in an area not exposed to Asians.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get White girls in predominantly white areas.  I’m just saying the percentages are going to be lower.  What makes Austin great from a sheer number of people and the number of hot blonde girls, the downside is that we are in the bible belt region of the country and therefore a lot of girls are “wholesome”.  Furthermore, a lot of college students are either ADD, shit faced, or stupid to talk to.
Outside of pickup, Austin is quite a scenic city.  It is also the capital of Texas.  There is a mixture of good food, rivers, congressional buildings, scenery, and bar scene.  We ate at Home Slice (great pizza), Hopdoddy (great burgers), and Salt Lick (great bbq), Kerbey Lane (late night diner).

Sun 9/22 Houston, TX

We were here for one night.  One of my bootcamp students lived here so we crashed at his place.  The diversity in Houston is greater than Austin.  There are more Asians and other races here, hence the fact that there is a China town.  My student requested that I demo for him so we decided to go to a club called NOX.   I taped the mic and wireless transmitter to myself and gave him the receiver and earphones so he could hear the conversation.  It wasn’t bad for a Sunday night.  He was impressed and wants to do a Vegas infield with me next month.

In the morning we stopped by the Houston space center while we headed towards New Orleans.  Nothing really stood out greatly about Houston.  My student said its an under appreciated city… not sure what that means.  Oil and gas industries are huge, perhaps thats why there are decent amounts of engineers on the west side of Houston.  One of the things that surprised me was the lack of travel from locals in Texas.  More than half the people I have met in Austin never been to Houston their whole fucking lives and its 200 miles away.  I asked them, how the fuck does someone born in China…. has been to Austin, Dallas, and Houston and yet these people who lived in Texas their whole lives never been to opposing cities.  You come to realize most people are lame.

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