Cross Country Road Trip – 9/23 – 9/24 (New Orleans)

Cross Country Road Trip – 9/23 – 9/24 (New Orleans)

Mon – Tues  9/13 – 9/214 New Orleans, LA

I’ll tell you right now, New Orleans is not a great pickup place.  First of all, its known for its food, and what does food cause? Fatasses.  I wasn’t even impressed with the food all that much; the gumbo was all pre-made.  The Oysters were pretty good though. Acme Oysters was a great place.

The streets of New Orleans were fairly dirty and wet.  Rain comes unexpectedly and multiple times throughout the day.  We hung out mostly near downtown and also the French Quarters.  The weather is hot and humid.  The humidity was near 80%, and I swear to god, walking one block in New Orleans will cause you to have a wedgie.  When you’re hot and sweaty, it throws you out of the pickup mindset.  Even if you get a girl, shes going to be sweaty and nasty too.  Sorry, I’m OCD and germophobic.

We were there on a Monday and Tuesday, perhaps it would be much busier on the weekends.  Also, I am sure street game would be pretty cool during Mardi Gras.  I wasn’t there then so I can’t give you the assessment.  The demographics of the locals are mixes of Blacks and Creoles.  If that’s what you like, go for it.  I’m mostly into Asians, Whites, and Latinas, so not that many sets on top of a slow Monday and Tuesday night.  

We did go to a strip club later in that night.  There were quite a few of them along Bourbon street within the French Quarters.  Instead of paying for lap dances, I talked to a girl and bribed her with Beignets (French donut from Cafe Du Monde) LMAO.  I ended up getting an hours worth of lap dances for free.  My student who tagged along with me on the other hand thought he could game the stripper.  I had told him that one of my other students fucked a stripper at Sapphires in Vegas on a bootcamp once.  Its a different story because the student who pulled paid 150 for a VIP place in the back, but he also knew a secret hiding spot within the strip club.  Technically a stripper could get into a lot of trouble for that.  Anyways, my student in New Orleans believed all the IOIs were real LOL!  He spent 450 bucks for 45 minutes in the private room in the back.  My god, I wanted to punch him in the face.  I happened to sneak my camera in there and got some footages  Another thing that annoys me, strippers can sense if you have game.  Most will talk to me for 5 minutes and ask if I want a lap dance and will leave if I say “maybe”.  However, when she sees a fucking old white guy, she will flirt with him for 30 minutes!  See acting like a beta chode isn’t that bad in a strip club!

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  1. libertarianadi at 7:33 pm


    When you were in the intermediate stage–when you can consistently approach and get numbers–did you have a constant flaking problem? If yes, how did you manage to solve it? Justin Wayne suggests pushing for the instant date every time and prolonging the interaction to build a better connection. Simple Pickup suggested to record my interactions with a digital voice recorder. I have begun to do both, but not much success with going on instant dates though.

    I wanted to see if you had any advice to share, since you progressed fast in three years.

    (Possibly related information: I have a spreadsheet in which I record and calculate all variables: Out of 270 sets opened so far, my pickup rate is 14.2% and my flake rate is 92%. So far no lays. I started sarging regularly starting from mid July 2013.)

  2. Squattincassanova at 10:14 pm

    Flaking is just a sign of not solid game, its not necessarily a single sticking point. You have only done 270 sets, that’s not a lot. I opened approximately 400 sets before I got my first lay. Everyone varies. Keep going till at least 1000 sets. If you don’t have any progress then, you should start evaluating what you’re doing wrong.

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