Cross Country Road Trip – 9/26 – 9/29 (Miami)

Cross Country Road Trip – 9/26 – 9/29 (Miami)

Thurs-Sun 9/26 – 9/29 Miami, FL

I am back from my road trip but I want to keep writing about my experiences.

We were in Miami for about 3 and a half days.  We got an mediocre hotel on South Beach because that’s where most of the partying was located.  Parking was costly and difficult and the hotel was fairly expensive for what its worth.

The first night out was Thursday, we checked out LIV.  Its probably the biggest club on the east coast, ranking just below a few of the top Vegas clubs like XS, Hakkasan, Marquee.  They fucking charged us 60 dollars for cover on a Thursday night.  It can be as high as 200$ on the weekends if a hot DJ shows up.  The poor 35 year old girls beside us also had to pay 30 dollars LOL.  I think for a girl, that probably hurts your ego even more when you have to pay and the 21 year old right next to you walks right in for free  Because there are less competition and less big clubs in Miami, they are more selective and anal about letting certain people in.  Can you imaging a bunch of PUA guys all trying to get in?  Hard as hell.  The clubs here open at 11:30pm and go to 5am in the morning, even later than Vegas.

Now back to how it relates to pickup…  
There is no patio in LIV, its one of the loudest, most heavily bass sounding venues I have been to; not very good for conversations.  I also noticed a lot of ugly older dudes with not much game hoarding all the tables and that’s where all the hot girls are.  The average age of men inside were older than what I have seen in LA and Vegas and a lot of them did look like chodes which leads me to believe that a lot of girls here are looking for men of wealth.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t game them, its just harder to even approach and also they are looking for a different agenda.  A lot of girls are immigrants from other countries.

While walking on south beach we opened quite a few sets.  The demographics here are different than that of west coast.  West coast latinas are typically Mexican.  Miami latinas are more diversified including Puerto Rican, Central American, South American (Brazillian).  Also you see a lot of eastern European as well.  Conversations opened pretty well. The place does seem day game friendly.   You also see a lot of average looking girls though.  Don’t assume that its just all hot babes laying around everywhere because its not true.  South Beach is one of the few beaches were girls tan with their tops off.  Bring a pair of sunglasses so you don’t seem like a creeper.

During the other nights, I was teaching boot camps. We went to Clevelander and Mango Tropical cafe.  The Venues were mehhh.  Can’t compare to Vegas.  Miami supposedly has one of the highest concentrations of single women, making it a city that is favorable for dating if you are a man.  If you like Latinas and a lot of European, the beach, and a change of scenery, check it out.  Its certainly prettier than Vegas.  However, if you want to practice pickup with logistical efficiency, sheer number of sets… of course Vegas hands down.

One of the popular venues on South Beach is Nikki Beach and is popular on Sundays.  We didn’t have time to check it out but I wanted to.  I would have slapped on my bright orange short shorts and did some beach game but we went to Key West and then started heading for NYC.

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