Developing a Loud Voice

Developing a Loud Voice

I cannot stress the importance of developing a loud voice. You can have all the banter and charisma in the world but if the girl cannot hear you… what is the point? I have a lot of students who struggle with speaking at a loud volume and a common misconception is it’s something that you’re born with and not something that can be developed.  

So, what can you do?

Something that can help a lot is working on your cardio

Strong lungs help A LOT. I’ve had friends work on developing their lung strength and their voices go from sounding like mouse farts to almost bursting my ear drums. 

They do very intense intervals every other day and now and it’s really made a huge difference.

Other than that they have been stretching their neck and been doing bioenergetics for about 30-45 minutes/day.

Cold showers (good in general outside of boosting your voice)

Vocal warm ups are done by vocalist and you can utilise these exercises to improve your volume.

Consciously speak as if you are literally opening the set behind the girl you’re speaking to. Similar to when boxing coaches teach you to punch through your target for maximum power.

If you’re curious about bioenergetics look it up on YouTube. Here you will find a plethora of videos guiding you on the process

A strong voice is an unfair advantage over other guys. There have been countless times where I have dominated a conversation/ delivered the exact same joke as another guy but received a better response simply because my voice is loud as fuck and the audience can hear me clearly.  

Being serious about developing a strong, deep, masculine voice is critical for success.

It may sound subtle but This will 100% make a difference in your game.

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