Let’s Talk about Numbers Game and Screening in Vegas

One of the reasons I got good was because I was forced to plow early on.  I had a strict rule of plowing every set to death until the girl either left or told me explicitly to leave.  What I had learned from that is to be able to withstand pressure and to be able to generate content even when I am out of state.  Its basically good practice habits early on in the game.

The reality is…. sets that tend to start well…. tends to end well.  I’m talking on average.  Sure bad sets can be occasionally turned around, but if I look back at MOST of my lays, they have all opened very WELL.

For a newbie, I would definitely advocate plowing.  Its a must.  But once you get into the intermediate stage, some times its really not worth the effort of plowing a luke warm or even a cold set.  I can easily plow a set for 20 minutes and it goes no where.

When you go to Vegas, top clubs like Marquee and XS can fit literally 4000+ people in there.  That’s 2000 girls!!!  Now if I plow every set for 20 minutes for five hours, I would have approached only 15 girls (assuming a set didn’t just take off amazing).  Since I am in Vegas for 2-3 days, I noticed its much funner to do fast sets and just bounce if they don’t escalate quickly.  I will spend maybe 3-5 minutes and if I don’t see heavy IOI or compliance or I can’t isolate her, I will just bounce.

This has worked wonders for me this last few weeks in Vegas.  Every night, I was able to screen screen screen for the first hour, find a girl that really likes me, and be in set for at least 2 hours with a girl.  I had heavy makeout and I was able to bring one back to the hotel.  To be honest, some girls just like you right off the bat.  Its really not even pick-up or any techniques.  Some times she likes you physically or you guys just click.

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