Don’t Be That Pickup Guy

Don’t Be That Pickup Guy

Pickup isn’t Crossfit okay?  You don’t fucking tell everybody that you’re doing it.  Its taboo and nobody outside of pickup will understand you.  Don’t try to convince your non-pickup friends to approach with you.  Don’t tell your friends.  And for fucks sake, don’t tell chicks you’re doing it.  They are all going to hold you back, and pickup is hard enough as it is, stop wasting time and energy convincing people otherwise.

Funny story, last weekend. I was with a student in a 1on1.  We ended up pulling these 2 girls to go hang out with us after the club.  One girl was 25ish, and the other girl was 35ish (older coworker of the younger girl).  I asked how their day in Vegas was and they told me a story about this one guy who got her number early in the day during the pool party.  They told me how the guy was “normal” at first, but when he got the number, he started being weird and tried to force kiss them.   When they rejected him, he started bragging that he was a PUA and that he knew Mystery in person.  Pretending to be dumb, I asked the two girls who he was.  They said… you know that guy from the show a few years back, the “The Pickup Artist?”.  I was like “Oh”.  Then the girl said “is that guy going to NEG me now?  Oh God”.

Deep down I am chuckling inside.  First of all, no girl gives a shit you know Mystery, and second of all, having a pickup persona doesn’t make you cool.  It is quite common for guys to develop this once their approach anxiety has diminished and they start seeing some success.  The second a girl knows you’re actively trying to pick her up, her guard is going to go up.  If she knows you’re systematically doing this to a ton of girls, its pretty much game over.

Even for me, I had to learn some of this the hard way.  Although I thank everything I learned from pickup and it has enriched my life in so many ways.  The fact I keep so much of my life online, it has come to bite me in the ass many times over.  When I quit my engineering job and moved to Vegas full time, sometimes I would tell girls what I really did.  Some didn’t believe me and others were fascinated and wanted to know all the details but the vibe didn’t feel right.  Eventually I just went back to telling girls I was an engineer.

I have had countless people that I really like end up finding about my YouTube channel and blog and ultimately end up never talking to me again.  Sadly but true, when a girl starts to like you, she will start getting real nosy and try to find out what you’re all about and start Googling you.  Since my stuff is blasted so deep across the internet, I wonder if I can ever get married one day.  Who ever that girl is, she better really open minded.  Anyways, learn from my mistakes.  Keep your pickup endeavors a secret…unless you can make millions off YouTube like SimplePickup.

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