Everyone Is So Exotic!

I go to a club and there’s tons of exotic girls.  I’m trying to figure out why.  I’m not like talking about the typical HB type, I’m talking about big booty of epic proportions.  Sure enough, it was a party for pornstars and guys recruiting lol.  Even bumped into the guy on the right (not putting in names).  Hes trying to recruit this girl I am trying to game.  Thank goodness I didn’t make out with anyone lol, did not want to catch anything. I also met another pornstar couple, the girl is from Honduras.  Its funny if they never told me, I would have never known.  A lot of people treat pornstars and strippers like they’re from another planet but if you talk to them, they sound like regular girls.  I’m gong to upload some videos later this week once I get them edited.

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