False Advertising in PUA Industry

Stuff like this annoys the crap out of me.


JT is a nice guy.  Hes got great entrepreneur skills and I have met him in real life.  This is more of a post about the PUA industry as a whole than targeting anybody specific.
Here is the deal.  Let me tell you about something from my first hand experience.  I have been Lure nightclub in Hollywood many times.  It is an exclusive nightclub.  You typically have to either know somebody or you have to bring 2:1 ratio of HB9’s or above to get in.  The girls in there are hot, yes.  They are from a ratio perspective even hotter than Vegas club girls.  Vegas clubs have more hot girls but thats because the venue is much bigger and there are more people as a whole.

Here is also another thing about the club.  The girls are soulless, pretentious, money and status seeking bottle rats.  I have sarged Vegas, LA, San Diego, Seattle and this place has it worst. I have never seen more girls in a venue who will only talk to guys with  table / bottle service.  They are also likely to be cocaine whores hoping to freeload at an afterparty.  I have seen even bootcamp instructors (from the same company!)  have tough nights at this venue.

Are you going to tell me some newbie ass student is going to be getting this on their first bootcamp from a strict solo approach without help from anybody and without bottle service?  Get the fuck out of here!  This is the most contrived fake picture post I have ever seen.  Most likely they got bottle service, pulled the girls to their table, offered free drinks, and  the person taking the picture was buying temperature spiking the girls before taking that shot.  Don’t believe me?  I got infield footages of what girls look like inside that club LOL. Bottle service doesn’t give you shit but fake perception of status and IOIs.  I feel sorry for those guys spending hundreds and thousands of dollars buying bottles hoping to get girls.  Sure the dudes look like pimps from the outside when the girl is standing on the table dancing, but 95% of those dudes are walking home empty handed.

Seriously though, being good at PU and game is like working a muscle.  You don’t instantaneously grow that in a weekend bootcamp.  You might get pushed into more sets than a typical night without a bootcamp, and you might get your top 3 sticking points identified, but you don’t magically outperform on your bootcamp.  There is never an instantaneous jump in skill level.  Plus even if you got feedback, its after the set is done!  Your verbal and banter skills are going to stay the same throughout the course of two days.  Seriously PU companies need to be more honest.  Yes you can get good at this, but no you wont get those results in a weekend.

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