Female Sexual Responsibility

Female Sexual Responsibility

I guess for the same reasons why you see plenty of doctors with smoking habits and pharmacists who abuse drugs… plenty of girls who appears to be good girls are terribly irresponsible when it comes to sex.  From my personal experience, roughly 80% of girls won’t care if you don’t use a condom.  This appears to be independent of race, career, education level, and how much of a clubber she is.  I find that pretty alarming.  I guess its not that crazy… just go to dating sites like Plenty of Fish and Okcupid and you will see how many chicks have kids.

Some personal stories here.  Nurses are quite a notorious group.  They always tell me they work hard and play hard and I always hear the craziest stories.  The one I hung out a while back cheated on her boyfriend and doesn’t care if there was a condom or not.  I also dated a middle school teacher who taught sex ed class but apparently doesn’t follow any of the content she preaches.  When asked why she taught the class, she told me she did it for a Starbucks gift card.  LOL WTFBBQ.  Same with prude Asian girls.  A lot of times they look goodie goodie on the surface but in closed doors, the same can’t be said.  But then you see girls who hookup all the time be very strict about condom use. I guess its out of necessity…

I do find girls with lots of gay male friends or roommates tend to more sexually open.  This is because gay dudes have no sexual inhibitions and I am sure it rubs off on the girl.  Every time I open some chick at the club who happens to be with their gay friends and I befriend the gay dude for tactical reasons, they try to get the girl to do some nasty shit.  Its almost like they are helping me seed and prime sexual thoughts in her head and doing it for me.

These are just my experiences.  I think ultimately unless you pry about their dating history and stuff its hard to tell on the first night.  I don’t usually bring it up because a lot of times, its a state break.  One thing is for sure.  If you pretend to put it in without a condom and she doesn’t object, you’re not the only one she’s raw doggin.

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