First In-Field Coaching Session Tonight

I had three guys signed up for LA sarging tonight.  One had asked to see my demo skills before he wanted to commit to paying for the night.  He was sold after 5 minute haha.  I seriously think my game goes up when people are watching me, kind of like at the gym where I lift more.

I asked everyone if they have taken official bootcamps before.  One said he took another bootcamp and it was horrible.  The instructor never demoed and actually stole a girl he opened.  When he finished sets, the coach wasn’t around to give feedback.  Seriously in my opinion there’s so much marketing bullshit in the PUA industry that someone new to the community would have no freaking clue which company is legit and which company just sends their instructors out to do random shit like getting bottle service and drinking the night away.

All three guys were pretty cool.  Two were engineers and one was a marine.  They seem to have their life handled and everyone had pretty chill normal vibes.  They just need more field experience and learn how to be more flirty and show more intent as well as being more persistent in set.

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