Getting Laid on a Pickup Bootcamp

Getting Laid on a Pickup Bootcamp

Have you ever wondered… what happens during a pickup bootcamp?  Do people really get laid on their first bootcamp?  I know I used to ask the exact same question many years ago.  I thought to myself, there is no way anybody gets laid on a bootcamp.  When I was starting out on this pickup journey, it took me 4 months before I got my first lay.  Logistics were terrible, I lived almost an hour away from the nearest large city.

Over the course of the next few years, I’ve seen many other companies run bootcamps and I almost never see any students pull or close.  Over the last year and a half of coaching in Vegas, I feel like I have perfected getting my students the highest chance of getting laid more than any other company.  Why?  Here are a few different reasons.

1.  I know the best venues and clubs to go to which ensures the most number of girls and the most number of sets.  More sets = more practice = more opportunities.

2.  Being friends with most of the people in the club industry and knowing everyone means when the student introduces me to his girl or target, it automatically makes him socially proofed.  If he knows the guy who knows everyone, then he by association must also be a cool guy.

3.  Having every student wear a wireless microphone ensures that I know exactly what’s going on between him and the girl even from a distance.  If I detect a window of opportunity, I will come into the set and facilitate the pull.

4.  I know the logistics of the club, the city, and all the potential places to take the girl after leaving the club.  And of course, I personally drive the students to the hotel when he pulls, thus eliminating the long wait at the taxi cab line.   This is critical because it minimizes the time it takes from leaving the club to getting into the bedroom and reducing the likelihood that the girl’s energy will drop during this period.

Obviously I don’t have videos of my students closing so the next best thing is screenshots of text messages from my guys and also pictures of me dropping them off at the hotel.

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Jan 2-3 Bootcamp

After meeting the girl during day game, the student met up with her at the club and ended up taking her back to the hotel.

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The second student was hesitant in using my opener for day game and finally gets laid the day after bootcamp using my patented opener.

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Jan 16-17 Bootcamp

Two students who happened to also be friends, flew in from Scotland to take the bootcamp.  They ended up pulling on Saturday and was met with last minute resistance but finally got laid on Monday.

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Jan 23-24 Bootcamp

On Saturday, a student from Hawaii was having a hard time leading the set.  After a barrage of text messages from me to push the interaction and forcing him to move the set, the girl surprisingly was more compliant than he thought.  Fortunately, they were both staying at the same hotel so the logistics were aligned.  As usual, I dropped them off at their hotel.  On Friday, the day before, both him and the other student ended pulling a two set for food.

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