Girls Like Guys With Opinions (Drill / Homework)

Girls Like Guys With Opinions (Drill / Homework)

I get a lot of guys, especially in the science and tech field that have absolutely no opinions about anything.  It becomes very apparent in group settings.  Some guys just chill in the background and act passive and not engaged.

“Whats your favorite food?”
“Meh, I’ll eat anything.”

“What kind of girls do you like?”
“I don’t really know”

“Where do you like to buy your clothes?”
“Whatever is on sale”

If I get answers like this repeatedly, I will make guys do opinion drills and here is the reason.  Strong opinions is what makes conversations interesting and engaging.  You will notice all guys with game will have strong opinions about EVERYTHING.  Even on stuff they aren’t even experts in!  My natural friends always seems to have an opinion and they will back it up with bullshit even though I can refute them with logic and science.  Whether their opinions are right or wrong is not the point.  The point is to have them because it will help your game.  And here is why:

Many guys will stay in neutral topics /conversations / generalities that nobody really agrees or disagrees… nor do they give a shit about.  Such topics and examples can include:

“The weather is great today”
“Vegas is pretty warm”
“Its pretty busy at the mall, there’s a lot of shoppers”
“Oh you’re from Canada?  It must be pretty cold over there”

When a girl hears topics like this, there is no spark or fuel for any engaging conversations.  Shes most likely going to agree with you because its a general boring truth and the conversation thread ends there and you are most likely going to have to ask another dumb question or attempt to transition to another conversation thread.

On the other hand, if you have strong opinions about something, she is either going to strongly agree with it or strongly disagree with it.  Either way, its going to spark a conversation.  Any investment from the girls end is better than indifference.  I would rather a girl be totally pissed off at me arguing over some topic than her facing the other way and ignoring me.


The drill

Here is a great way to get better at this and its called doing opinion drills.  I’m not going to be like other PUA newsletters that will say this instantly causes your game to increase by 1000% or that it will make you 100% in state and happy all the time but this will definitely improve your game if its an area that you are lacking in.

You can do this by yourself and its quite boring, or you can do it with a few friends.  3-4 people is ideal.  Each person will write down 5 to 10 different words onto individual pieces of paper (they can be places, cities, food, names, and various other categories).  Put it in a pile and then the group will each go around giving their opinions on each word.

I will start with a word and you can use this as an example:


Here are some examples of what to think when you’re giving an opinion of this word:

  • Do you think its flashy / douchey?
  • Do you think its practical?
  • Do you think its over priced?
  • Would you ever get this car?
  • What do you think about the interior / exterior compared to its competitor?
  • Would you want to drive it in the city or on the tracks?
  • Do you think it would be a pain in the ass to maintain?
  • Do you think it would help you get girls?  Would you want the types of girls it would attract?
  • If you wouldn’t get this car, what other car in its price range would you rather get and why?
These drills build core conversational foundations.  A lot of people don’t like to do them because they take effort and time.  Don’t expect your game to instantly skyrocket.  They will take months for you to start cultivating strong opinions and also good basis for your opinions.
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