Gym Sets

I don’t know how much my physique plays into a factor but the gym is an amazing place to open sets.  I have an 80% hook rate and I probably number close at least 60% of the time.  This has been field tested in San Diego, LA, Vegas, and Seattle.

A lot of girls screw around at the gym, or they are chatting with a friend, stretching, or doing some stupid machine workout; in essence, bored as fuck. Yes most of them have earphones on but as soon as you go up and talk to them, they will take them off.  It was a big AHA moment after I started getting more gym experience.  Girls look unfriendly and unapproachable, but when you do, they tend to open very well.

Don’t approach girls on treadmills because the body positioning makes the interaction weird.  You end up looking like a creeper at her side and she would have to twist her neck sideways to look at you.  Its really bad, don’t ever do that!

Here are my observations:

  • No dude ever opens at the gym PERIOD.  This leaves you no competition and no AMOGs to worry about.
  • Chicks are already stationary, thus making it easier to hook.
  • Going direct of contextual makes it easy to open.  If you run out of stuff to say, you can just talk about workouts.  Its easy to transition to sexual topics since girls love working out their legs and glutes.  Seriously, most of my openers are just observational / funny openers:
    • “Omg, its funny guys never work out their legs”
    • “Seriously, I have never seen a girl go ATG on the squats like that”
    • “Dude, your workout is way too distracting, you’re going to have to stop”
    • “You are the most hardcore girl here, I see you every time I am here”
    • “Damn, look at those guns, will you be my body guard?”
    • “LOL, every girl does the oblique twister, its just an excuse to check out guys!”
    • “Its funny all the male personal trainers here make girls do ridiculous glute and leg workouts”
  • Absolutely no bitch shields again because the girls never get approached.
  • Yes, every dude in the club will be STARING at you.  You better have balls and be able to withstand that many eyes on you or GTFO.
  • You might want to spread out your approaches between a few workout sets.  I usually open 2-3 girls max.  Since everyone at the gym is always looking around at other people because that’s what people do, you don’t want to be that guy that just opens set after set like a cannonball in Vegas, it gets too noticeable.  Like all day game, it requires more finesse and calibration.  Don’t do stupid shit because you are likely to go to the same gym many times and you are likely to see the same people over and over again.  Its not worth getting banned from a gym for being a creeper.  You don’t need to be that physical, just get the number and bounce.  Maybe invite her to get some food afterwards if shes down.
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