Happy New Years! (2014)

Happy New Years! (2014)

I just wanted to say Happy New Years!  2013 has been a crazy year.  I lost my engineering job and I started teaching pickup… a rather weird transition.  I moved from a suburb town in Cali to the Strip in Las Vegas… another odd move.

Last year, I met a lot of cool dudes.  A lot of guys who signed up for training are actually really awesome in other areas. I’ve met doctors, film producers, engineers, Grammy winners,  marines, and artists.  There were a few odd balls too but we won’t talk about that hahaha.  But seriously though, guys who invest in themselves are usually the ones you want to hang out and make friends with.  Guys waiting in line on Black Friday to blow 1500$ on big screen TVs and nachos, probably not.

I hope 2014 will be better year for you guys.  I hope you all increase your lay count, approach count, SNLs, MLTRs, and LTRs!  Keep going out and target that 2000 approaches for the year.

What are my goals for 2014?

  • 15000 YouTube Subscribers (at my current rate I’m only projected at 8500 subs)
  • Get my real estate broker license (I’m bored of engineering for now)
  • Travel to at least 2 distinct places outside of the US (fairly easy to do)
  • Invest additional 80k
  • 210lbs / 9% body fat while off Creatine (should be fairly easy, I am currently 205lbs, 12%)
None of these goals are crazy, I am pretty sure I will achieve all of them.  I’ll make a post next year about this post!

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