How To Never Say The Wrong Things To Girls

How To Never Say The Wrong Things To Girls

Before I start I’d like to talk about something called framing. What is framing? A lot of people on the community certainly talk about it a lot… Framing in the context of Game/Psychology to put in short is how a perspective/reality is presented to an individual. 
For instance when you approach a girl and give her a compliment; you are framed as the one doing the chasing. However if you say things like ‘stop looking at me like that, I’ll prefer if we took things slow’. It not only acts a teasing statement but additionally frames her as the one that is chasing. 
Back on the topic of how to feel like you are never saying the wrong thing to girls… By applying the correct frame in how you perceive yourself as well as how you speak to girls as long as you keep in mind that you are the one that is cool and that she is the one that is being put on trial, it will make you feel more reassured in the things you say.
Mindsets in order to be framed as ‘High Value’
  1. She is already attracted to me and all I need to do is be present in this interaction
  2. If this interaction does not go anywhere there is plenty of other women of equal caliber that would love to meet me.
  3. Because I am high value whatever comes to my mind to say WILL be high value 
A common pitfall that I see a lot of guys caught up in is they are so focused on saying the ‘right thing’ that they end up blanking out or saying something that is uncalibrated and sounds scripted. Essentially by adopting these mindsets you will be more comfortable and less anxious in your interactions and as a result you will be more present in your interactions. 
My final piece of advice is while I’m encouraging you to adopt these high value mindsets and say what comes to mind… I still want you to be aware of WHAT you are saying and why certain things will not work.  Game and social psychology are very complex and abstract and as a result there are many techniques that will work on some girls but not so much other girls.  Remember to keep a high value mindset but at the same time be humble and workshop what you say… don’t be the fool that tries to shove a square block in a circle hole. 
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    great post! I invest a lot of attention for compliments during the last years to increase my skills. Since were already talking about this topic – how close is humor in this context to compliments? Mean based on your experience.

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