If You Can Game in Cali, You Can Game Anywhere

People will always tell you that their city is the hardest place to game.  Bullshit.  Southern California is by far the hardest place to game anywhere.  Yeah you might find some obscure city where women hate men, but you get my point.

If you can deal with icy, pretentious women of LA, you can deal with women anywhere.  There is just no better place to develop a thick skin.  Don’t believe me?  game in Hollywood for a year and then go to somewhere like Seattle or Portland…. or even better the Midwest or Austin Texas.  Its so easy to open its retarded.  The girls are so down for conversation.  Also the guys are far less aggressive and a lot more beta.  I went out to Capitol Hill last night in Seattle and I opened a guy /girl 2 set.  The dude was so frustrated that the girl was talking to me the whole time but he couldn’t do anything because I simply plowed over him I and was more interesting despite the fact they were friends..

Seriously dude, move to Southern California, learn the skill/game whatever, and then go to the Midwest and find yourself a hot blonde country girl to marry haha.

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