Massage Oil Escalation

Massage Oil Escalation

Here is a quick how to post and it pertains to end game.  This is one method that has worked consistently.  I don’t know why I keep telling you guys my best secrets.  I am pretty sure some girl is going to read my blog sooner or later and call me out on my tactics.

It helps to know how to actually give a good massage.  Just go to a massage place and get a few deep tissue massages to you know some techniques.  Its really not that hard.

Basically you remove all the chairs in your room so she has to sit on your bed.  Turn on some good music.

Start giving her a neck massage sitting down.  Then go ahead and make her face down and start giving her a back massage.  At this point, the clothes are still on.

When she starts getting into it, tell her you got a this new Kama Sutra massage oil kit from your friend who works at the massage place (your friend aka Amazon) and you are dying to try it.  Basically you tell her to take her shirt off because you don’t want to get oil on her shirt (totally valid reason!).  At this point bra is probably still on.  As you get more and more oil on her, you eventually tell her the bra needs to come off.  Then you start rubbing her legs and quickly gloss your hands on the bottom side where her boobs are.  The key is to do it very quickly to test the waters.  You don’t want to plant your hand on her boobs unless you know shes down.  You basically slowly have your hands run across it longer and longer until she is totally okay with your hands there.  You can rub her thighs with her pants on and basically get your hands close to her crotch.  The idea is gradually acclimate her to your touches.  At this point, shes probably wet.  You should probably have your shirt off.  Having a six pack obviously helps.

From here, you can either take off her pants and massage her legs and then flip her over, or you can flip her over with her pants on and start making out with her.  At this point, you should be dry humping her.  Once you feel like shes getting more into it, you tell her that her pants are really rough and uncomfortable and you take off both your pants off.

Obviously no means no.  If she pushes you off, stop.  If its token resistance, here are some common responses.

When pants are still on
“We’re not having sex”
“Of course not, we are just dry humping”

When underwear still on
“W’ere not having sex”
“I just want you to straddle me”

When completely naked
‘”We’re not having sex”
“Of course not, I just want to rub it on your clit”
“Of course not, I’m just going to put it in real quick, and I will pull it right back out”

Just remember to pay attention if its token resistance or real resistance.  Unless you’re totally uncalibrated, its not hard to tell.  If shes still doing what you guys were previously doing… its still on.

Here is the product information below.  Even if you’re not quite there at end game yet, get it just in case.  The thing with pickup is that you NEVER know whats going to happen.  You can be a completely newb and find a girl who is down so just be ready.  And if you absolutely can’t get a girl, it would probably a good backup masturbation lube… that or good jelqing lube.  Good luck brahs!

>> Kama Sutra Massage Oil <<

Almost half way done with mine hehe!

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