Mistletoe Opener

Mistletoe Opener

Here is a great holiday opener you guys can use.  Its a lot of fun and you can get sexual very quick.  Literally bring a piece of mistletoe to the club with you.  Go up to a girl, smile, and then say “Mistletoe!” followed by an attempt to insta kiss. If she turns away or stops you, you say “Hey, I don’t make the rules!”, and then try again.  If you get the kiss, great, if not, transition to normal conversation.  The key to going for the kiss is to inch forward slowly as to give the girl time to react.  You don’t want to face punch them with your mouth.

Now obviously, this is a pretty ballsy opener so guys with AA are probably not going to attempt it.  However, if you have manageable AA, its a lot of fun.  I did this opener last weekend and had great results.  Heck, I didn’t even use real mistletoe.  I went up to a shrub in Marquee night club, tore off a piece and used that instead.  Out of like 12 or so girls I opened with that opener, only one girl called me out for not using real mistletoe.  Lets be cereal, these girls aren’t botanists with understanding of mistletoe taxonomy, NOMSAYIN?

Your results will obviously vary depending on your delivery and your level of hotness.  Out of the 12 or so girls, I got like 2 insta makeouts and 3 kiss on the cheek but one of them I snuck a quick kiss on the mouth.   With an opener like this, its going to be high risk and high reward.  But since its such a simple and low investment opener, its great inside big clubs.  Even if you get denied a kiss, its still funny as fuck.  Again, just because she doesn’t kiss you, it doesn’t mean the set is done.  Keep going on the set.

PS: I give credit to Psych.  He has good game and also a big dick.

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