My Little Pony

My Little Pony

One of my students recently got a house about a few miles from his parent’s place.  WIN.  A location to actually pull.  I had been harping for him to move out for months.  You just can’t be a man when you live at home… I can’t stress this enough, especially if you’re Asian.  Asian parents hold you back like no other and they want you to stay at home!  If you’re in Pickup and you’re over 18, your first priority should be finding out how to move out of your parent’s place.

Unfortunately, his mom got him My Little Pony curtains right in the front of the house next to the porch on the big windows facing the lawn.  When I saw those curtains a few months back, I was like dude… you should probably remove those curtains ASAP.  What did he do?  He left those curtains there as is.

Fast forward 2 months.  He takes this girl out on a date that he met on PlentyOfFish.  The girl was a few years older… not by a lot, perhaps 3-4 years.  Just enough age gap for her to give him shit tests hehe.  So with my few months of training, he was able to pull her back to his place on a day 2.  Guess what?  The girl sees his fucking My Little Pony curtains… and NO FUCKING LAY!  Later on in the week, he showed me his text message and sure enough, the girl made fun of his curtains.  How did I predict this many many months ago?

What is the moral of the story?  Take a look around your god damn house.  Remove any items that make you look like a FOREVER ALONER… especially when you’re taking an older women out.  You need to act more sophisticated and project that image.  This means no Star Trek figures, no Legos Blocks, no Bambi DVDS.  Seriously guys, stop cock blocking yourself.

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