ONE-ITIS With Every Girl

Its typical to have one-itis with a girl back in the day when you were a newb and you had that scarcity mentality.  But damn, I still get one-itis with like every girl I meet (okay, so not every girl, but the ones I like, which is quite frequent).  How is this possible!?? LOOOL

I was just in Vegas this last weekend (again two weeks back to back) and yup, sure enough… got one-itis again.  These Asian girls from Vancouver are so different than the Cali girls.  They are actually chill, social, and polite.

People associate pick up with nothing but one night stands… which in some aspects is correct.  However, every time I meet a girl that I like, I still get that warm fuzzy feeling inside like something I always wanted for Christmas and that I want to call them later!  Too bad in Vegas, most girls are from far far away except the LA ones.  Lame.

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