Peruvian Day 2 at Comedy Show

Comedian:  We got a diverse crowd up in here tonight!  (looks around at the front isle).   We got some Black people, we got an old rich White man, and we got an Asian dude fucking a Mexican girl! (referring to me and my day 2)

Girl: I’m not Mexican

Comedian:  Are you Asian?

Girl:  Nope

Comedian: WTF, there can only be two options.  What are you going to tell me you’re from Mars?

Girl: I am Peruvian

Comedian:  Same shit as Mexicans except with llamas!


I love getting the front seat at comedy shows.  The effect is far different than sitting way in the back.  You pick up on way more things from the comedians.  You also get called out a lot since most comedy places do not have a ton of Asians.  Furthermore, if you are with a non Asian girl, aka White, Latina, Black…the comedians usually say some pretty funny shit; either that or they’re flat out confused.

When you get called out, some times its good, some times its bad.  I’ll share one of each.  One time I took a Black girl out on a Day 2, and the comedian was Mexican.  He asked who there was on their first date.  I raised my hand.  He literally went on a 10 minute bit about Asians and small dicks (to a Black girl).  This was 2 years ago and I didn’t get the lay.  Fuck you comedian.  Its not like Mexicans are known for big dicks.  Some have small ones, I been to LA fitness locker rooms.

On another occasion, I took a White girl to the comedy club, the guy asks who was on their first date and I raised my hand.  He made us get on stage and bought us each two shots.  Then he made us make out in front of the entire audience.  Winning.  I did end up closing that night.

You win some and you lose some… but you always have a good story.  How does this relate to pickup?  Comedians are some of the best cold readers out there and they will always have something to say after your answer.  That is the essence of a natural.  Naturals don’t need routines.  They can take a boring ass response to “where are you from” and turn it into something funny or tease the girl.  You can’t take cameras or recording devices to a comedy show but you sure can take a pen and paper.  Take some notes while you’re there!

To some of my nosy readers out there.  The Day 2 went fine.  She was into me physically, no much game was needed.  I’m not going to the nitty gritty details unless its funny or game mechanics related but she is driving an hour to hang out with me next weekend.  Watch, I’m going to jinx myself and shes going to find my blog like they all do last minute and I get flaked on… FML.  The comedian was Jay Phillips.  Funny guy.  If you haven’t already added the Improv on Facebook, make sure you do.  They give free tickets all the time


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