Picking Up Girls in Shanghai Infield Video

Infield Pickup In Shanghai China

Infield Pickup In Shanghai China


Welcome to another video for the week! I think I spend 400% more time in front of the computer video editing than going out to the clubs these days. Most of these sets were day game sets because they were easier to get better quality footages.

I am hugely surprised by the diversity of girls I found in Shanghai. A lot of foreign girls can live sufficiently and get around with virtually no Chinese. There are certain areas where conglomeration of expats live.

Next weeks video will be in Hong Kong and Macau. These cities are even more westernized and although are part of China, are less restricted. Macau was pretty hilarious, its virtually an Asian Las Vegas with more gambling and more girls (although a lot of them are prostitutes). Stay tuned!

1:45 Set 1 – Russian Girl
3:54 Set 2 – German Girl
6:18 Set 3 – Mexican Girl
11:12 Set 4 – Canadian Half Asian Half White Girl
14:27 Set 5 – Tibet Yoga Girl
17:01 Set 6 – Beijing Girl
20:38 Set 7 – Aston Martin Girl

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