Picking Up Latina At MGM Lobby Outside Hakkasan

Here are both Part 1 and Part 2 of the videos.  MGM is one of my favorite places to do lobby game.  The inherent nature of the casino layout funnels all of the girls leaving the Hakkasan nightclub into one exit hallway.  This allows you to virtually capture ALL of the sets coming out of the club at the end of the night including sets which were inaccessible because they were at somebody’s table the entire night.

Solo sets are obviously great.  This buys you enough time to build attraction.  Stationary sets tend to hook better than moving sets.  When screening for girls, the girls that are standing up tend to react better than girls who are sitting down.  Statistically speaking, girls who are sitting down have lower energy levels and are less likely to hang out with you afterwards.  Its simple, when you’re tired, you care more about sleeping than flirting.

Two key points in the interaction.  The first part was when her sister and her sister’s boyfriend came into the set.  This is where you can really lose the set.  I was locked in and leaning against the wall, it looked like the girl was into me and her sister saw that and left us alone.  When she was talking her sister’s boyfriend, I knew she was ready to leave with me pending logistics were in place.  She was with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend; thus a third wheel.  It wasn’t too hard convincing her to ditch the others.

I had to take my roommate back to the condo.  This was a legitimate excuse to pull her back to my place BEFORE food.  Always have an excuse back to your place whether its getting money for food or to drop something off.





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  1. J at 1:54 am

    Sick vids. Keep up the great work man. Locked-in more during my sets after watching your vid and worked great for me. Thanks for the video and reminder

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