Picking Up Tall Brunette with Asian Student

Nerd Asian Leaves With Tall Brunette Who Eats Like A Hippo

Nerd Asian Leaves With Tall Brunette Who Eats Like A Hippo

If you didn’t already know, I’m coming out with a video every Tuesday and Thursday night (its actually Friday 5am as I am writing this so there was some delay).

Just some additional thoughts to add to this video.

1.  We met this girl right outside the club exit.  This is not a good place to stay for very long for a few reasons.  There are a lot of distractions.  There are other PUAs around who may potentially AMOG you.  The biggest threat is the potential of her friends finding her.  If her friends find her, then there is a very high likelihood that they are going to pull her away.  Generally speaking, hallway sets can be super volatile so we really needed her to commit on going somewhere with is.

2.  Her broken shoe proved to be somewhat of a logistical challenge.  At a certain point in pickup, logistics is probably 90% of whether it happens or not.  We managed to make it work for this set… she was hopping on one feet for part of the distance.  It might not hurt to have some sandals in your car for future sets where girls have broken shoes or are in feet pain.

3.  Lastly, it is not generally a great idea to pull for food, especially when its this late (3-4am).  If there are other options, chose those instead.  When girls eat too much, it can induce drowsiness and food coma, effectively reducing their buying temperature and making them less down.  I tried to convince her to eat less food but who knew she was so damn competitive like we are in some sort of eating competition.  Peppermill is known for ridiculous portions and even I feel a headache after eating a full amount.  I will probably write a full article on food in future posts.

That’s it for now, keeping it short.  I’m writing a post this weekend on a list of sound bites and one-liners you can use in-set to increase attraction.




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