Pulling Girls In Large Groups Requiring Multiple Cars

When pulling there are is an array of logistical issues that may arise. One of these issues is when there are two cars, by this I mean that you have a car and also one of the girls from the group you are attempting to pull also drove to the club. Make sure you have one of your wings ride in the girl’s car, this prevents issues such as them suddenly changing their mind and also if they get lost while following the lead car, you have someone in your group being able to give directions so you don’t lose the pull.


On a similar note when the girl needs to make a quick pit stop to her hotel or room to get something don’t just have everyone waiting in the car. Have one guy go up to the room with her so that you have eyes on the girl and also this significantly lowers the chance of her suddenly flaking when she gets comfortable in her room. An actual pull fail that happened was one time a girl was taking her drunk friend back to the hotel and was down to come back to our place afterwards but once she got back to her room she saw a bag of Hot Cheetos and decided she couldn’t be bothered to go out again. Cucked by a Hot Cheetos…FML. This situation could have been prevented if a wing accompanied her back to the room, so lesson learnt after that.


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