Quick Update

Quick Update

Whats up everyone.  I’m back from my 30 day road trip.  I’ve been in Vegas for the last 2 weeks running bootcamps.  I am not next to my desktop back in Cali so making updates have been challenging.

A lot of things have happened and I will be posting a lot of pickup and personal learnings on the blog.  Here are updates and posts / videos to come…

  • I got a new condo on the Las Vegas strip.  Just got the keys and paperwork done recently.  Its on the north end and I can get to XS nightclub within 3 minutes of leaving the garage (logistics winning!).  This will be my Vegas home base and I will be running bootcamps here.  It can hold a lot of people and the students on my bootcamps can stay here the weekend for free.  As students, you guys are welcome to pull to this pad as long as you don’t jizz all over my walls and bedsheets.  Thanks.

  • Been hitting up strip clubs lately.  I even snuck my camera in one in New Orleans and recorded an hours worth of interaction with a stripper.  I will probably have a video up soon with blurring of course.
  • I made friends with a few Vegas locals and a few promoters here; learned a lot of insights about the types of local girls in Vegas, their nature, and also what its like to game on industry nights (Sun – Thurs).
  • I still need to update about my experiences in Miami, New York City, and Chicago during my road trip as it pertains to pickup.
  • I have complete pull videos that needs to be updated.  These are hour long videos and I need to blur out everything and put subtitles for the conversations.
  • I also have a lot of student footages.  Some clips might relate to you, some are comical, and some include pulls too!
When I am back to Cali this weekend, I plan like to make daily posts to hopefully catch up on the lack of content within the last few weeks.

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